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The motels of the Costa Blanca and Valencian Community propose to stay shut until February or March 2021, where time they’ll be capable plan the Easter promotion next year.

It’s been expected that by the time the confinement ends up, the career won’t surpass 30 or 40 %, a situation that could generate great losings.

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In light of this, the organization believe that the best option would be to join ERTE and reopen in about one-year, trusting that pandemic will be in order.

“We are finding your way through a twelve-month hibernation period,” states Nuria Montes, the general secretary of Hosbec, the hotel handling of the Valencian Community.

Montes assures that “although there are numerous entrepreneurs who do not require to listen to the reality”, with each passing time it becomes better your sector cannot coexist using this virus.

“The treatment for this situation only has technology.”

As a result, and because it really is most likely that vaccine against covid-19 will likely not arrive any time soon, the hotel industry of Costa Blanca and Valencian Community is getting ready to be closed for a complete year.

“Whoever believed it was fifteen days or four weeks, then back again to regular, ended up being extremely wrong,” regrets Montes.

Given this situation, Hosbec will publish a document for which it gift suggestions a special defense policy for the tourism sector for twelve months, to ensure organizations are safeguarded in this long period.

“It is going to be a desert, it really is a truly brand-new situation, and everything we have to decide to try is, at the least, to reach alive at the end of the tunnel, so businesses usually do not collapse the trail.”

Montes highlights the national needs to get involved with the tourism sector: “We cannot let it end up in the arms of European investment funds, security plans were made various other areas with less effect on work, and exactly the tourism, which cannot be delocalised, it’s to-be safeguarded.”

The actions are most importantly within central federal government, even though the companies make it clear that it is a matter for everyone. 

“We request everyone to aid,” states Montes, which adds the document is provided for the remainder of resort supervisors in Spain whenever they would like to join.

“Protecting Spain is safeguarding people,” he explains.

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