The questions feel the same
What’s your current job? What do you feel you could bring to this relationship? What are your hobbies? What’s your past relationship experience? What do others say about you? What can you tell me, about me, have you taken the time, read my page?

Is dating or getting a date like a job interview?
Is dating or getting a date like a job interview?

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You know that’s a great analogy: yes it is! At least for me.

There’s picking the right candidates you’re interested in and share the same goals and likes as you. Then the “screening” and background check: asking questions and seeing are there any red flags that stand out.
If so, the process ends there for me.

If everything looks good and he appears to be whom he says he is, THEN we can discuss dating and progressing from there.

I’ll say one thing about dating being like a job interview: you have to dig through a lot of candidates to find someone that’s a good fit. And even then, we all know how people lie to get what they want, so it’s a tedious process!

Yes, if you know what you’re doing. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask personal and even uncomfortable questions. You should treat it completely like a job interview, with humor. Inquire about what they feel they bring to the table in this relationship, question your capability, what are your shared and personal goals? What are you fundamental beliefs and world view?

Not too serious lol but serious questions must be asked otherwise your simply wasting your time. It truly shocks me how many people reach marriage or pregnancy without having quizzed their partners on some pretty fundamental questions.

Yup, I use that analogy a lot… I’m terrible at both and my profile doesn’t really highlight who I am for either.
I dont like it when is very very obvious, guy “interviews” me. I think it should flow more not so structured.
If that what dating is.. then makes a lot of sense why I’m kind of out of this at this life phase.
No, much more relaxed. I’ve never been asked about previous relationships on a date. Dates do probe for your financial situation (especially Asian women).
Kind of. But dating doesn’t have standardized questioning that protects all involved from a legal perspective
Yes just about you got make sure your dating the right girl
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