You’ve finally landed that interview. Good luck! Only this time, there are tons of questions running through your mind. With interviews, you mostly have one chance to showcase why your potential employer should hire you. However, you’re the least bit prepared because you can feel the following five signs staring right at you. To wit…

1. You Know Nothing About The Organization

A classic norm that won’t go away any time soon is learning about the organization you want to work for. Sure, your friends, that trusted family member, or even a gardener, told you how they operate. But you still have to go one better to know things yourself.

Not reviewing a company’s website shows you’re lazy. If you’re asked questions about the organization, you won’t provide adequate answers. This shows you’re unprepared, and not fit to work for them.

2. Not Being Able To Explain This: “Tell Me About Yourself”

On a normal day, this question would rattle a few people. But if this happens during an interview, it’s one sure sign that you’re not ready for the job. There’s no getting past this question with most recruiters so you’d best prepare to answer it.

It’s a basic question that needs an explanation from you. They want to get to know you, and have you speak about what you’ve stated in your CV. It’s okay if you feel a bit taken aback but if you struggle to put together words about yourself, you’re simply not ready for the interview and the job.

3. You Have A Vague Idea Of The Role You Applied For

You’ve been job-hunting for a while now. So any opening seems ideal to you. You eventually get called for an interview but unlike other applicants present, you’re unclear about the role. That’s a big red flag for employers because it shows you’re totally out of your depth.

You should be ready to talk about the role you applied for. This is normally contained in the job description, and should form part of your personality before and during any interview. As such, even if you’re desperate for a job, take time out to get the job description locked and loaded.

4. You Can’t Answer This Question, “Why Should We Hire You?”

Taking a very brief pause to answer this question is normal. At least, you’d want to take in some air before doing justice to the question with all the information you have prepared. However, if you’re stuck after the brief pause, mumble some words even you can’t understand, and avoid eye contact with the interviewer, it’s a good sign you’re not ready for the job interview.

5. You’re Extra Nervous

Most people who were successful at interviews took real time to get ready. What this does for you is calm your nerves so that you don’t become a nervous wreck in front of interviewers. Shaking, talking too fast, and on a high-pitched voice shows you’re uncomfortable. Chances are that you’re not getting called back anytime soon.

In conclusion, all these points point to one theme – preparation. Take time out to work on yourself, learn about the organization, and practice so that interviews don’t catch you unawares.

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