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Tourism Minister, Haris Theoharis, unveiled medical protocols for flights and resorts Greece intends to apply throughout the tourism period during the summer 2020, when the nation opens up its edges to tourists amid the pandemic.

Talking at an internet occasion associated with youth company of ruling brand new Democracy, Theoharis exhausted your pandemic makes the environment of principles when it comes to tourists’ arrivals required which these wellness protocols needs to be respected.

He stated that wellness protocols are prepared in collaboration utilizing the Infectious Diseases Commission for the Greek nationwide wellness business EODY.

These protocols have been posted to tourism companies for consultation and submission of proposals to their side, the Minister included.

To help a passenger to board a flight from abroad to Greece, he must-have gotten a health certificate within the past 72 hours that he’s not a service of COVID-19.  Without this certification, he’ll never be allowed to board.

There will be no vacant seats on routes to, from or within Greece, ie their capacity will likely to be complete so environment transport is economically viable.

Passengers will never be served food for flights for four-hours, but just packaged treats.

Greeks who wish to travel overseas must also be tested 72 hours before boarding the airplane.

Greece’s request is the fact that no COVID-19 test be performed when tourists leave Greece. Travelers should always be tested when they come back to their nations.

Tourists will leave the country without the control, to make certain that you will have no threat of being trapped in the united states and stay in quarantine. “After all, this would be a disincentive to picking our nation as a holiday location,” the minister said.

“Quarantine motels” in every tourist location

The Ministry of Tourism will rent a visitor accommodation in each tourist area of ​​the nation that’ll function as a “quarantine hotel.” Travelers who are discovered becoming companies of coronavirus are transported there.

Each hotel or visitor accommodation will likely be obliged to contract with a health care provider, who’ll determine whether a visitor must go through a COVID-19 test. The diagnosis is going to be either live or via telemedicine.

The test outcomes is introduced within six hours making sure that anybody who is tested good can be used in “quarantine hotels”.

Unique education  in health guidelines would be supplied into staff of every hotel.

There will be no buffets inside hotels, except in tiny resort hotels.

Sunbeds will likely be set up at a security length together and certainly will have a disposable address for every swimmer.

Profits, bilateral agreements

In connection with incomes from tourism, Theoharis said that this past year profits had been 18 billion euros. “This year we’re going to have for the most part 8 billion euros,” the minister stated.

He revealed bilateral agreements with nations including Bulgaria, Israel, Cyprus, when it comes to no-cost passageway and return of Greek tourists.

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