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Greece’s Tourism Ministry features ready a protection and health “protocol for resort hotels and traveler accommodations” that will have to be implemented in this year’s season amid the coronavirus pandemic. The 16-page lengthy protocol happens to be predicated on suggestions associated with the Greek National wellness business EODY.

The protocol addresses all areas of resort hotels operation service from reception area and check-in, to restaurants and taverns, swimming pools and sunbeds, floor service such as for instance spaces and typical areas cleaning up to clients transfer.

The rigid steps have to be implemented after all quantities of operation of accommodations along with other visitor services.

Each tourist accommodation, despite dimensions and specifications, must set unique protocol following general instructions of this ministry, day-to-day reports.

Tourists would be surprised that they can maybe not experience the exact same solution while they had in the past. Purpose of the rigid implementation may be the security of the staff and also the visitors.

Cleaning Service

Among other things, the ministry and also the EODY professionals advise:

The handling of the resort must utilize a sign suggesting whenever and just how room ended up being cleaned, but in addition to put antiseptic liquids or an antiseptic unit in each room.

Cleansing staff are advised to make use of an easy surgical mask (in the case of medical mask availability, the usage of fabric is recommended), gloves and a throwaway waterproof robe. During the work, the cleansing staff should not touch the mouth, nostrils, or eyes using their hands, smoke, or consume.

The administration must hold accurate documentation of the workers and all the people staying in the resort (name, nationality, arrival and deviation details, contact information such as address, telephone and e-mail), so that you can facilitate interaction using close contracts whenever any Covid-19 infection can be identified a short while later.

Reception, Check-in

Recommended is the using plexiglass into the reception area for visitor accommodation with an ability of 60 beds and above and floor marking well away of two yards where in actuality the buyer will stay.

Recommended may be the growth of choices to traditional check-in with the use of lightweight products which can be quicker disinfected after each usage or any other automatic products plus the placing of lightweight POS in a point near the client for exclusive utilization of repayment cards.

Proposed would be to look at the likelihood of check-in in the wild atmosphere.

For the operation associated with restaurants, recommended may be the intensive washing of hand towels, tablecloths and all sorts of the cutlery even of those not used. Alternatively could be the utilization of loaded cutlery and another usage tablecloths, packed food portions, in which it is possible.

For arrangement associated with tables and chairs (aside from families) suggested is a length larger than 1.5 yards (seats back to back). Length between customers sitting face to face length of 1.5 meters is preferred.

To avoid crowding, it is strongly recommended to give the hours of restaurants operation and with turning attendance of customers.

Resorts should stress and encourage space solution at no extra fee.

Buffets aren’t recommended, thus providing of new dishes.

For the usage of drinks on bars, nuts etc must certanly be offered just in individual packages.

Private pools

Design of seats particularly sunbeds, seats, etc. should always be with a length of 2 meters and it depends whether individuals share the exact same area or not.

Sunbeds ought to be disinfected after each and every usage. They must be covered with a particular throwaway cloth before placing the towel which should cover the complete area.

Restricted may be the few swimmers in outdoor swimming pools, this is certainly one swimmer per 2.5 cubic meters. In indoor pools the percentage is 2 swimmers per 20 square meters.

Passengers’ transport

An unique protocol will also be applied for resort consumer transport solutions.

For automobiles to 5 chairs: one client in addition to the driver. exception: 2nd passenger permitted if accompanies a person needing support.

Cars with 6 or 7 seating: two passengers plus motorist

Automobiles with 8 or 9 seats: three passengers plus driver.

Exclusions are created only when people tend to be parents with small kids.

Using health protection masks is required for both the people and motorist.

All-year motels tend to be planned to open on June 1, seasonal accommodation services on July 1.

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