Looking for a job is the absolute worst. The people giving the jobs have to do everything they can to be efficient, while the people who want the jobs (and aren’t being paid to apply for them) need to do so much work to try and convince the other person that they’re worth hiring. It’s a huge power imbalance, but there’s no other way for it to work (as far as I can tell, anyway.)

Rejection is super awful and every time I’ve applied for a job and not gotten an interview I felt terrible. Every time I got an interview and didn’t get the job, I felt even worse. But when you find the right position, it can be really wonderful. Let’s be honest about the actual situation, which is that not getting a job has no bearing on your worth as a person, and it’s completely possible, likely even, that the company ended up hiring the wrong person.

But they have limited resources and had to make a call. They would’ve been lucky to have you!! AND SO WOULD THAT GUY AT THAT NON PROFIT WHO MADE FUN OF MY APPLICATION!

Vezitos Animation of Katherine and I

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