According to the Employee Development Study by the Society for Human Resource Management and Catalyst, the employee development practices that produce the highest ROI are formal coaching and leadership training. At Ty Boyd, we’ve been coaching leaders for over thirty years because we know that being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all career skills.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We’ve been told that the faculty at Ty Boyd Effective Communications & Coaching are personable and engaging and quickly put our clients at ease. We’ve been told that each brings their own voice and personality to their coaching, but that they are all encouraging, supportive and nonjudgmental. We’ve been told that they recognize and encourage our clients’ individual thought process and creativity. And we’ve been told that they coach our clients to develop and polish the skills that do not come easily, but are necessary to be a successful communicator. But the feedback we receive most from our clients is that our coaches are likable; which is music to our ears because likable people have the most positive influence with others. They not only get better results, they are happier and more successful. So, what makes the coaches at Ty Boyd, Inc. likable?

While they are a talented and accomplished group, our faculty rarely speaks of their own success because they consider our clients to be the real stars. Their humbleness speaks volumes about who they are and combined with their confidence and knowledge they are able to connect and communicate their skills and capabilities. A Ty Boyd coach is always on the lookout for greatness in others and is quick with an encouraging word of praise and appreciation, but tackle the tough communications challenges head on. They are leaders in their field and in their day-to-day lives. They drive development for themselves and for their clients and create a culture of learning that is embraced by individual leaders and organizations.

Desire to Succeed

It’s hard not to notice the link between success and likability. Forming relationships with others is a vital part of success in any field. But don’t confuse likability with the need to be every body’s best friend, because in addition to self-confidence, likability requires honesty and integrity. In order to build rapport and to be liked by clients, you must be authentic and real. Our coaches not only teach that communication skill, they provide a model for the type of behavior to emulate as they help our clients build competencies, achieve goals and follow career paths that benefit themselves and their organizations.

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Taking your communication skills to the next level

While there are multiple places to get tips & tricks for public speaking, we believe hands-on-training is the way to truly master public speaking. If you are looking for proven techniques for preparing and delivering effective presentations; greater confidence in your presentation skills ability; and new tools for effective communication look no further. Excellence in Speaking Institute, our signature course, provides all of the above and each attendee also receives an individualized game plan for how to further improve and enhance their skills after the course.

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