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As the global economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic continues, unemployment continues to rise, and it’s becoming more difficult for companies to continue business as usual. For employees, that means it’s time to start thinking about the present and future. Individuals should be thinking about their careers now more than ever. Firstly, they should be thinking about how to improve their own marketability and strength as a potential employee should they lose their job. Secondly, they should be trying to stay adaptable and in-demand so as to be indispensable to their employers.

Right now is an excellent time to start learning something new. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the top online courses available to keep you competitive in the marketplace.

1. Microsoft Excel

You probably know a little about Microsoft Excel. You probably don’t know just how much it can do for your career. Excel is a powerhouse software that facilitates organization, data analysis, visualization, automation, and more. Learning how to use it like a pro can make you more efficient and more capable than ever. Get the Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle for $19.

2. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Now more than ever, businesses need excellent bookkeeping and accounting. As money dries up around the world, businesses must be leaner and make each dollar go further. When you master QuickBooks, the world’s leading accounting software, you’ll have the skills to help businesses get a better handle over their money. Get the Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Made Simple Bundle for $19.99.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the leading web analytics platform. Many companies of all sizes, in all industries, use Google Analytics to track their website traffic and inform their business decisions. In this course, you’ll learn how to use GA like a pro to help companies become smarter and more efficient. Get the Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery Bundle for $19.99.

4. Project Management

Agile Scrum is one of the leading project management methodologies, designed to make even the most complex projects more efficient than ever. In this course, you’ll analyze specific case studies and learn from the instructor’s hands-on experience to manage projects that come in on time and under budget. Get the Scrum Master Training: Case Studies & Confessions Course for $13.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a skill that companies in all industries need. Whether you want to find a job as a graphic designer or launch your own business, this course will help. You’ll learn how to use some of today’s most important design tools, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Over the coursework, you’ll create book covers, package designs, social media graphics, and much more as you learn the craft. Get the Master Graphic Design & Software with Practical Projects Course for $14.

6. Copywriting

Even in this strange time, people are still shopping online. That means web-based businesses need great copywriters who can convey their products’ value. In this course, you’ll learn modern copywriting secrets and even get a crash course on how to build your own freelance business from the ground up. Get the Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells for $10.99.

7. Coding

More people at home means more people spending time online which means companies are still in need of web developers. In this extensive course, you’ll learn web development by building 25 websites from scratch, all of which you can use in your portfolio. Want to stay relevant? Learn how to create on the Internet. Get the Complete Web Developer Course: Build 25 Websites for $11.99.

8. Public Speaking and Presenting

You may not consider public speaking an indispensable skill, yet many, many people have difficulty with it. By learning how to be an effective speaker and presenter, you can differentiate yourself from your peers. Learn how to capture an audience in this course, led by presentation experts, including an award-winning business school professor. Get the Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course 2020 for $13.

9. Memorization

It may sound basic, but simply remembering more can take you far in life. When you remember more, you’ll get more done, create better relationships, and make smarter, more informed business decisions. This extensive bundle teaches you neuroscience-backed tips and tricks to improve your memory and cognitive function. Get the Ultimate Memory Mastery Bundle for $19.99.

10. Business Strategy

Everyone who aspires to one day run their own business should know how to make a business plan. Of course, knowing how to create an effective business plan is also a valuable skill that could contribute to your current company’s growth. In this course, Chris Haroun — venture capitalist and award-winning business school professor — teaches you how to create a flawless business plan that will generate VC interest. Get the 2020 Complete Business Plan In One Course Ft. Award Winning Business School Prof for $14.

11. Business Finance

Led by Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA and co-founder of CoffeeWORKS, Thailand’s leading B2B specialty coffee roaster, this bundle is all about business finance. You’ll learn how to effectively evaluate businesses and invest more intelligently in the market. Whether you’re planning for the future or need to earn some passive income, these courses will help you make your money go farther. Get the Learn Business Finance & Valuation Master Class Bundle Ft. Andrew Stotz for $19.98.

12. Analysis and Investing

Learn how to invest like a pro. This comprehensive financial analysis training will teach you how to read and play the markets like a Goldman Sachs pro. Whether you’re in charge of corporate finances or want to invest more wisely, this course has you covered. Get the 2020 Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course for $10.99.

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