Indeed Live is a weekly livestream that provides resources and information on searching for a job during COVID-19. This week, Abbey Carlton, Indeed’s Director of Social Impact, discusses advice, resources and community conversations to address the impact of COVID-19 in the world of work.*

Specifically, Abbey explains COVID-19’s impact on the economy and job market, how to search for a job in this climate, and how to transfer your skills from one opportunity to another. She also answers some frequently asked questions and points to some of Indeed’s employment resources.

Please leave any questions or comments below. We’re here to help!

0:00 Welcome
2:45 Impact of COVID on the economy
5:30 How to find a job during COVID
6:58 How to find a remote job
8:00 How to tell if a job is legit
11:09 Transferable skills
12:06 What to do if hiring froze while you were being considered for a role
13:02 Should you be collecting unemployment?
15:16 See you next time!

-Start your job search:
-Job resources related to COVID-19:
-Research the job market:
-These companies are urgently hiring on Indeed (updated weekly):
-Ask a question, get advice and contribute your own tips over at the Indeed Community:

*The information presented in this webinar does not represent a forecast, prediction, or other indication of future market or economic performance, and should not be relied upon for such purposes.

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