Create a job search website but are too confused to get started?

Well, now get off to a good start and create a professional job board website in less than 45 minutes!


This guide is aimed to help the beginners who want to create job search websites without having to learn programming languages and coding and without hiring programmers to get their website created.

While website development is no longer a domain limited to technical experts, you can do it all by yourself using the technologies available at your fingertips.

Ready to get started?

Here’s quick index of steps to create job search website easily

1. Hosting and domain name
2. The elementary decisions – Choosing the platform and design
3. The initial setup
4. Personalize your website
5. Money making through your job board website
6. Adding the jobs
7. Promoting your website and maintaining it

Getting a web address and server space

Before you start with your website creation, you will need the web address (the domain name) and the server space (hosting). In this section, we register a domain name and subscribe for the hosting.

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