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swot analysis personal development life coach sarbojitBefore you start working on a personal development exercise, I would recommend you complete self-assessment at first. Because it will help you know many things about yourself. You would be surprised to see how pretty things used to tense and traumatize you. You can know even much more interesting things about yourself through self-assessment.

I think most of us would love to achieve success, but not ready to pay for it, right? This is the most common tendency, whereas successful people do overcome this fear and work to achieve their goals. It is very important because I believe your sacrifice and dedication would lead to the path of your success, no matter who you are and on what position you are in.

Business leaders do follow the assessment process to know where they stand through one of the popular analysis like SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This analysis is also applicable to you as well. As a life coach, I would recommend everyone to use this analysis once to know where they stand in their life. The process is pretty simple, no need to panic – it won’t be a complex process for you either.

I often work on confidence building measures while providing career counseling to professionals and job aspirants. I saw a dramatic change in the professionals and aspirants after completing this process of analyzing themselves. Most of my clients reported that they feel relaxed and confident after completing their tasks listing like the strengths and weaknesses while undergoing the SWOT analysis.

I would like to see a change in you and want to enhance your confidence level to face the life and problems. There could be lots of problems in your life, but if you are worried then you can’t confront those for sure. With the help of this analysis, you can overcome from the fearing factors weighing high in your mind. In fact, you can transform your life by having the confidence to tackle the problems in life, no matter how big those are.

Strength and Weakness are your internal qualities, whereas Opportunities and Threats are external factors. This analysis is all about to know your internal as well external factors – those are influencing your life.

Take a paper and jot down your strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. I would suggest completing this task while in the morning or evening, where you can get ample time for your assessment and having calmness in your mind.  Sit peacefully on your working table or at a favorable place, take paper and pen and start listing your thoughts in these four columns.

Once you are done with your list, start reading these tips one-by-one.  I would suggest you to examine the points you mentioned, try to find out the real reasons and experiences associated with those. And, figure out why these are strengths or weaknesses in your life.

By observing these points, now you feel very confident about yourself and your actions. Make a practice of the figuring out your qualities through this SWOT analysis once in a month and if you’re too busy with your schedule with no time for it, the no problem you can do that whenever you have time.

You can achieve big goals of your life through this analysis, which is the key mantra for the personal development as well. If you want to focus on any particular goal, then also it works wonders for you. Only you need to do a SWOT analysis on the particular goal in contrast with your current lifestyle and time management.

Try once, and let me know what experiences, you have achieved.  I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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