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For many, the effectiveness of CraigsList is over looked whenever conducting employment search.

This is where CraigZoom (now named ZoomTheList) comes into play, providing the capability to include another device to help you carry out a far more powerful job search making use of Craigslist.

This “Google-like” tool allows you to do much bigger pursuit of tasks across several Craigslist sites.

You can search each of Craigslist at once, or improve your hunt more by selecting a city, condition, and so on.

And in addition, Craigslist may possibly not be ideal fit for supervisors, executives, as well as other founded experts seeking a unique task.

This may be true for a few job fields and industries, but there are more management and exec jobs on the internet site than you may believe.

Before You Dismiss This Site, Look At This…

Should you make use of Craigslist in your “job-search toolbox,” you’ll be surprised at the get to that CraigZoom/ZoomTheList provides you.

Actually, think of Craig Zoom as a job aggregator, finding and showing task openings for your requirements from a large number of places all at one time.

For example, you can input “Project management” or “Engineer” within the search field and search most of Craigslist.

Or, you could further refine your research utilising the site’s local search feature.

Utilizing the search all feature, I became in a position to discover 30,900 job openings that matched my keyword seek out “project manager” tasks.

Expert Work on Craigslist

When I hinted to above, you can find surprisingly more expert jobs on Craigslist than you possibly might expect.

We successfully found 211,000 tasks using term “manager” into the subject and another 82,700 jobs aided by the term “executive” into the subject.

Example of Search Engine Results

Doing a fast search term seek out a copywriter, for instance, came back 56,000+ open jobs for writers.

Screenshot of CraigZoom for Freelance Home Writers

There are a few disadvantages of using ZoomTheList/CraigZoom, however.

For example, you will need to navigate around all Google adverts (see in above screenshot “ads by Google”).

Google adverts tend to be definitely overpowering the most notable and left navigation of the website, but quite possibly a required evil for site’s developers that wanting to cover the expense of keeping the site.

To locate CraigZoom/ZoomTheList, view here today.

Replacement for CraigZoom/ZoomTheList

Obviously, CraigZoom is actually nothing more than a search string that can be used over at Bing to receive comparable results.

For example, using the below available supervisor tasks on Craigslist without the need for an online portal.

Simply copy and paste one of several below search strings into your Bing navigation bar and adjust the search queries to raised fit your requirements:

Research by-job Title:

Research by-job Title & State:

Research by Job Title, State & City:

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