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Your mind doesn’t work the way you think it does. As Grant writes, “Get ready to have your mind blown as she takes you through the science behind some of her most startling ideas — beginning with her argument that the purpose of the brain is not to think.”

As one of the first Black women to become a CEO in Silicon Valley, Shellye is a trailblazer. She shares powerful lessons from her experience on confronting impostor syndrome, taking risks, building relationships and reputations, and making sure that work doesn’t consume life.

Dave is one of the most beloved chefs on earth, but his bracingly honest memoir isn’t just for foodies. It’s for anyone who has ever felt like an underdog or an underachiever–or aspires to become an entrepreneur or a more decent person.

Many people are dreamers, but Kara is also a doer. Reflecting on her impressive track record of beating the odds, she shows how entrepreneurs can build better products, marketers can build better brands, and leaders can build better companies.

What separates great innovators from the rest of us is not so much the creativity of their ideas as the consistency of their execution. Seth is a master of finishing what he starts, and his engrossing book gives us the tools we need to follow his lead.

As a senior leader at IDEO, Fred has helped some of the world’s most powerful people have more productive conversations. Reading this book feels like being engaged in a direct conversation with him as he offers sage advice on how we can all stop talking past each other.

Too many boys grow up believing that “be a man” means “be a jerk.” Andrew Reiner offers a compelling alternative, where we teach boys to take responsibility for their mistakes, treat others with dignity and compassion, and approach life as a team sport.

Of all the known ways to ruin humor, the most common start with the words “research,” “analyze,” and “professor.” The bad news is that this book features all of those words … prominently. The good news is that against all odds, you’ll actually have fun reading it. It probably won’t turn you into Ali Wong, Dave Chappelle, or Hannah Gadsby, but it will give you a window into how they think–and teach you some new ways to make people laugh.

Athletes achieve excellence by compiling and studying their personal highlight reels, and there’s no reason why the rest of us can’t do the same thing. In this buoyant, evidence-backed book, a leading researcher shows us how.

The Whole Foods founder is living proof that we don’t have to choose between purpose and profits. He and his colleagues offer the practical guidance leaders need to build businesses that do well by doing good and prioritize lifetime impact over quarterly earnings.

A media scholar builds on her viral BuzzFeed article to examine why Millennials are burning out. As one of the most insightful culture critics of our time, Anne explains how individuals, organizations, and societies can prevent emotional exhaustion.

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