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Believing in your self has the power to shape your destiny

I’m a great lover of manga cartoons. Normally the content is alot deeper then the western cartoons in many of the manga cartoons you can draw on them as a source of learning and inspiration. Here’s 12 lessons you can learn from my favorite manga character Naruto Uzumaki

All you need to be a shinobi (success) is the guts to never give up! Naruto master –  jiraiya

1 . Success is not a location, it’s a state of mind. Naruto has faith in his own abilities and potential – He may not know how he’s going to win but he knows his going to find a way. This is because he has already succeeded in his heart and mind, this is faith.

Question – How often do you see you’re self as a winner?  Take time out to day dream, see and feel your success. See you’re self as a winner.

2. Your state of mind leads you to your ultimate locations. Your state of mind or attitude determines your destination. On the brightest days and darkest night whether in training with a friend or battle with an enemy, Naruto has a positive attitude; This you can say is one of his most powerful jitsu.

Just something to think about. You can think of jitsu as a special power. Your attitude can be used as a tool to get what you want out of life. It under your control!

3. Naruto makes love not war. What you put in you get out. Naruto acts with love. Naruto always takes the moral high ground, this is why naruto is so loved and respected – You give and you get. What can you do to be a positive force for good?  How to make a love contribution.

‘If I can’t do 400 push-ups, I’ll hit the dummy 800 times! If I can’t hit the dummy 800 times, I’ll do 1000 jump ropes! Naruto’s friend – Rock Lee’

4. Naruto knows that what he practices in private he get praised for in public. When others are sleeping naruto is training, naruto invests time alone to improve his skills, day or night naruto works on his self.

Question – How much time do you devote to development shaping your unique talents and skills?

5. Naruto gives him self over to the masters training, to be a great leader you must first be a great student.

Something to think about – Can you put your ego aside in order to learn, there’s power in humility.

6. Sometime’s other people see the greatness in you that you don’t see in yourself. Naruto allows the master to push him to his greatness.

Just a Suggestion –  Raise the bar, look for a role model to live up to.

7. Naruto directs his thoughts towards the outcomes of his goal.

Question – How do you keep you mind focused on what you want out of life?

8. Naruto does not see the obstacle’s he see’s his goal, success starts with a vision of success.

Its Just a Tip – Write down your goal’s and then write out a plan of action to get there. Remember it starts with a vision.

9. Naruto is a great mentor and role model for the kids in his village. Can you be a good role model for the youth and the people in your influence?

Something to think about – Being a great example/ role model takes discipline; remember discipline is the substance of success disciplines builds the future.

10. One of the reason why Naruto is a winner is that he is easy to get alone with; this requires for him to work in a spirit of harmony with other people. Its all about having a good attitude.

“I will never give up… I will never go back on my word. ” Naruto

11. When Naruto was fighting orochimaru, he got angry and lost control to the beast inside him people got hurt. Naruto took full responsibility for his actions. He didn’t blame the nine tales beast inside of him, he took full responsibility. With power comes responsibility. Naruto takes responsibility for his actions, this is the root of true power.

Think about this –

12. Naruto humbles his self to people who can help him improve or grow. Do you humble yourself to the people who want the best for you?

You are the greatest power in your success and happiness. Are you prepared to go though self initiation. Our hero naruto sets his own goals, he looks for role models to bring out the best in his self. This achievable with a winning attitude and philosophy.

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