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I started reading PD books about two years ago. I used to tell myself, “I’m good- I don’t need to read this stuff, I’m a therapist!” Haha! I was being foolish. When I did start reading PD I found I improved my perspective and how I interacted with others.

You may be thinking, “I just don’t have the time to read”. Don’t read then. Listen! I have found that as I’ve gotten older I fall asleep when I read. I now use Audible which is a spectacular service. I listen to a book while driving to work, taking the kids places, while cleaning, and even walking through the grocery store. It’s about fitting self-care into the cracks of life.

Let’s dive into the book recommendations. When I read a book I look for a few things: It can’t be boring and I don’t want a pep talk; I want some information that I can take with me and utilize.

This book is fantastic. Jen Sincero talks about mindset, how to handle negativity, and confidence. Her writing tone is easy to read and she is hilarious! I loved this book and the message so much, that I bought a You Are a Badass “button” for my office!! When someone presses it Jen Sincero says “You Are a Badass” and a few other funny sayings. People love it!

2) Daring Greatly

If you have read my blog it is clear that I am a Brene Brown fan. She has so many books and I’ve read every single one. I think this one is my favorite because she goes into the concept of shame being a joy thief and then practical ways to decrease experiencing shame. She also discussed how by identifying shame we can better connect with others. This made so much sense to me and not only changed my mindset but I’ve been able to apply it to my clinical practice. #mustread

3) Boundaries in Marriage

None of us are immune to relationship struggles. That is because conflict is normal. However, some of us (me included) have relationship patterns that need improvement. I’m also not just talking about intimate relationships; all relationships. One of the greatest signs of love is setting limits with people. That is because it is healthy and improves a connection. This book goes into easy ways to establish and strengthen boundaries. So many times we don’t have the words or know where to begin. There is so much information that I walked away feeling empowered in my own relationships and also felt ready to set boundaries with myself. If you read one book this year- this is it!

4) Braving the Wilderness

Yep. I told you I’m a Brene Brown fan. The thing I like about her books is that they aren’t all the same and she also uses research to explain human behavior. I read this book right around the mid-term elections and let me tell you… it was mind blowing. Brene Brown goes into how when we fear something, we tend to dehumanize it. For example, when people disagree on politics instead of looking at an opposing viewpoint as simply an opposing viewpoint; the person is met with words meant to dehumanize. Read the book- it was enlightening. I now make a conscious effort to think about the words I use. Brene Brown also talks about the common negative that binds people. I wrote about that in my blog post here. #readthisbook

5) On Fire

I loved this book so much I had my three boys read it! John O’Leary shares his personal story and how he didn’t let challenges keep him from success. I think so many of us can get stuck when faced with a challenge. I talk about that in my blog post here. Mindset is crucial to overcome obstacles and this booked help me see that life is short; don’t let it pass you by. #lifechanging

Make 2019 the year of YOU and invest in some personal development! If you haven’t taken some time to do this kind of reading, I challenge you to read at least one of the books I have shared.

Since “sharing is caring” let me know what some of your favorite PD books are!


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