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We recently trapped with Larry Hinebaugh from Foundation for company Aircraft Records quality to see if logbooks are perpetually in quarantine? This is what he said: 

“It’s Autumn 2020, and COVID-19 has-been challenging the world for the majority of the season.

Many of us today know what it feels like is closed straight down and incapable of perform some easy things we familiar with take for granted: like going where we need to get, or revealing our skills and skills like we I did so therefore quickly.

And, since funny as it appears, Im reminded of this typical aircraft logbook that spends its life time in quarantine.

Logbooks: Locked Down Because The Start of Aviation

Aircraft logbooks perhaps not closed down have reached threat. Why? Because logbooks are fragile, manufactured from paper, and susceptible to reduction or harm at every change. And … logbooks are incredibly valuable! They represent a full 30percent or higher of this complete worth of the plane they speak for.

Such as the human body against COVID-19, the risk involving revealing a logbook to some sort of fraught with possible disasters is indeed great that best solution will be simply shelter the logbooks in place (usually at the aircraft’s home base) and have them safe, rather than reveal all of them to potential disaster.

Our Modern World

At the moment ever sold, in which we humans utilize brand-new technology just like the net and smartphones in which to stay touch with other people and still run our businesses, aircraft logbooks continue to be as they have-been for many years: stuck in file drawers or containers; separated; held from being seen or shared; and thus, safeguarded from damage.

However, even in age COVID-19, the aeroplanes these logbooks represent are not secured straight down as they are still travelling the entire world, taking travellers (all be it not as numerous) to far off areas to see what the whole world is offering and share what they have to offer towards globe. Should logbooks be any unique of the aircraft they represent?

Aeroplanes traversing society have to have files that have similar capabilities. Usually, we consistently have the same old conditions that have already been an undeniable fact of life in aviation for almost a century. Aircraft is anywhere in the world they have to be, nevertheless aircraft’s logbooks stay-in one place (usually yourself base). That’s an unfortunate reality. However it doesn’t need certainly to stay in that way!

Everything we Have To Do Now

Everything we should do now’s to take the first step in releasing aircraft logbooks. Digitalising all of them so that they can travel anywhere in the world they have to be.

And just how do we do that? That’s easy! We have to scan the current report files and create electric pictures that may be provided online; preferably in a cloud-based, AC120-78A compliant, Electronic Record Keeping System.

To learn more about the way in which to do this, visit this article on scanning aircraft maintenance records.

Everybody Will Benefit

Everyone else, from those of us that work aircraft, to people just who entrust their particular life everyday flying to them; we must work now and integrate our absolute best into our globalization of aviation. Once We repeat this, everyone may benefit!”

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