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Tis the season to give meaningful gifts to the important people in our lives. But it’s often easier said than done. Once analysis paralysis kicks in, we’re back to the same old options: dress socks with funny cartoons stuffed in the back of a drawer; another candle that goes unburned; a new tech gadget that becomes obsolete before year’s end. 

This year, give the gifts of happiness, health, growth and purpose. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best gifts to give loved ones (or, heck, to treat yourself)—gifts that keep giving long after that unused craft beer subscription expires. Whether the recipient is new to personal development or just looking for a spark of inspiration, you’ll find something perfect for everyone on your list. 

The Family Game 

by The School of Life ($30) 

The holiday season is an opportunity for families to come together. Too often, though, we don’t take advantage of that time to deepen our connections. So step away from the Monopoly money and give the gift of connection. Created by the The School of Life, a London-born educational company founded in part by philosopher Alain de Botton, The Family Game uses prompts to inspire connection, honest conversation and joyful reminiscing with those we love most. From funny to uncomfortable, card prompts include “Imitate someone in your family when they are complaining,” and, “What can you forgive someone for?”

Annual membership ($189)

Building the life you want takes consistency, vision and clarity. It also takes a village. Through SUCCESS+, you get access to some of the best lessons, mentors and community of like-minded people in the industry. With a subscription, users gain access to monthly live training, a vault filled with inspirational content, and exclusive access to lessons from the greats: John C. Maxwell, Simon T. Bailey and Kindra Hall. As a special subscriber bonus, you also get access to The Power of Influence digital training by Kindra Hall. In this training, Kindra takes you through the five major steps to building your confidence and creating a powerful influence to impact the world around you.

Go All In Start Today Journal

by Rachel Hollis ($20)

Take a page from her book, literally. Armed with the daily tactics best-selling author and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis has used for years, the Go All in Start Today journal is a dreamer’s, well, dream. Start with determining the big picture—like a vision board you can take anywhere. Then, each daily page prompts three focal points: gratitude, dreams for the future, and one major goal. From recent grads to retirees, this gift can provide purpose and direction. 


Not just for seasonal affective disorder, light therapy is also used to treat jet lag, sleep issues and minor mood changes. Many entrepreneurs and busy go-getters report that light therapy helps with natural morning alertness and mood stability throughout the day. Portable and lightweight, this gift is sure to brighten up a loved one’s day—you know, more than you already do. 


Not sure what to get the minimalist in your life? How about inspirational reminders they can carry everywhere they go? Created by independent artists around the world and sold on one of the largest marketplaces for artists, you can choose from unique designs with quotes such as, “Be patient, you are growing,” and, “Can’t please everyone.” The best part? Each purchase supports local artists to continue creating. 


Healthy products, accessible to all. That’s the goal behind Thrive Market, a membership-based market that delivers high-quality, healthy, sustainable and ethically-sourced groceries and home goods to your doorstep. Perfect for the on-the-go entrepreneur who wants to feel good about the products he or she buys. And you’ll feel good giving, as Thrive Market matches each membership to give free access to a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

by Stephen R. Covey

Widely considered to be one of the most influential books of all time, Stephen R. Covey delivers timeless lessons covering integrity, service and dignity in all areas of life. First published in 1989, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has grown to sell more than 25 million copies in more than 40 languages. Quite simply, this is a gift that should be on your giving list every year. 

Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker 

($119 and up)

Created by women and designed for women using natural materials, the Bellabeat Leaf wearable is equal parts function and looks. With five designs to choose from, users have the option to wear it as a bracelet, necklace or clipped onto a piece of clothing such as a waistband. Throughout the day, the Bella Beat Leaf tracks changes in your body due to sleep, stress, hormone cycles, activity, meditation and more. Through the corresponding smartphone app, get regular updates to your level of stress resistance and advice on optimizing your routine to your specific hormone cycle. Plus it comes with 24/7 secure backup and a six-month battery life.

Annual Subscription ($372)

When finding the perfect gift seems impossible, subscription boxes provide relief. TheraBox is no exception. Each box promises one research-backed activity to help rewire your brain for joy, peace and contentment, plus up to eight wellness goodies (think Jade rollers, aromatherapy oils and herbal teas) to help you relax, combat stress and take self-care Sunday to a new level. Prices start at $35 for a single box. 


Perfect for entrepreneurs and deep thinkers, the Edison Deck by BestSelf Co. offers a set of 150 tricky questions and idea prompts. Prompts include, “Businesses you could start for less than $100,” and, “Things you’ve always wanted to know but never asked.” Said to promote creative problem-solving, idea generation and improved critical thinking, the Edison Deck packs a nerdy punch.

Creative Inspiration Quotes Box

50 Handmade Quotations ($21)

“Make visible what without you might perhaps have never be seen.” Everyone needs a little creative pick-me-up now and then. With this handmade collection of 50 creatively inspiring quotes, your loved one can get a little boost whenever they need it. This can be perfect for a stocking stuffer or to split into small, daily gifts for your significant other while they work through a creative endeavor. 

The World is Yours: 26 Essays on Life and Success 

by Jim Rohn ($19.95) 

Looking for a gift for the personal development newbie in your life? Jim Rohn’s The World Is Yours is a curated collection of the best essays from the motivational powerhouse’s nearly five-decade career. Spanning a variety of topics from financial security to finding daily joy, Rohn delivers simple, straightforward and inspirational messages that resonate with all age groups.

Cecilia Meis is a full-time writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. Besides SUCCESS, her work has appeared in Time Out Dallas, Rewire, Healthline and others. Outside of work, she plays beach volleyball, attempts home cooking and is ardently working toward making her cat, Nola, Insta-famous.

Cecilia Meis

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