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Personal development happens when you finally decide to change the way you live your life for the better. It must be emphasized that the whole process is not only made up of good experiences or formal workshops. Even bad experiences can help in pointing a person to the right direction in life.

But most, if not all mentors would try to fix on self-motivation and positive thinking as the two most important considerations that ensure personal development success. Well, they may be right, but a holistic approach to self-development goes way beyond these two factors. Read on to know what else is needed to help you attain self-awareness and development.

1. Personal Development Game Plan

First off, you need to have a system to reach your development goals. There is no use in simply talking about how badly you want to attain self-awareness or development. You will need to adopt a system and see the big picture. As you may know, personal development is a very broad area of interest and you can easily lose your way if you do not have a plan. You can put down on paper what you intend to do with your life and where you want to be after you undergo the program you have planned.

Always remember that only by having a definite course of action will you be able to determine if you have become a better individual or if the circumstances in your life have improved. Your plan, when done correctly, will serve as your gauge with which you can measure your progress.

2. Take the Plunge

You may have enough motivation or positive thoughts, but if you do not take action today, your personal development will never become a reality. Remember, becoming a better person does not happen overnight and time is of the essence. So, start now or lose the chance to improve yourself. Take the risk. Life is supposed to be an adventure, so if you do not get out of your comfort zone, you will be left rotting in your current situation.

3. Open Yourself to Change

The operative word in personal development is change. If you cannot handle change, then you will never be able to improve yourself. Well, you can argue that change will happen even if you do not welcome it. The question is would you rather be changed by factors that you do not control? Obviously, it is better to be prepared for or personally carry out the changes in your life. This way, you will know what actions you need to make.

4. Sit on the Shoulders of Giants

If you want to speed up your personal development, you need to learn from people who have been in your shoes before. You really do not need to re-invent the wheel. All you have to do is study other people’s experience, especially those that have become successful in their quest to become better individuals. To leverage your time and effort, it is always a good idea to have a life coach or mentor. You can also read books or listen to self-development CDs.

5. Be Responsible for Your Personal Development

You are what you allow yourself to be. In other words, the things that define you today have happened because you allowed them. If you have been lazy or indifferent all these years, you have no one to put the blame on but yourself. Even your environment cannot be made accountable for the person that you have or will become. You have always held the keys to improving your life. So, the initiative to improve yourself should come from you and whatever result you get from self-development programs is your responsibility.

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