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In this 5 part interview, Dr Tom Barber discusses 5 sequential stages of personal development. The interview was recorded by ‘Radio WorksWorld’ host Marina Nani.

Each part will explore the 5 stages, starting here with ‘Clarifying your Potential‘, and continuing in each part with:

  • ‘Defining your desired Outcome
  • ‘Uncovering your inner Wisdom
  • ‘Harnessing your Energy
  • ‘Stating your place with Recognition

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Part 1 – Clarifying Your Potential

“It’s great to be back on RadioWORKS. I’ve been looking forward to catching up with you and your listeners. My name is Tom Barber and we’ve got some really good content to bring you today about some new programs that we’ve been rolling out and testing and results we’re getting from them.

As I said, you know, over the last few episodes, we’ve been sharing with you some of the different concepts around the programs that we run. We looked at The Think Solution™, and also the Mind Master Method™.

These programs have been developed over many, many years of trial and error, really, with clients and with groups, and really seeing what works. We’ve got just a huge amount of knowledge in terms of psychological methods and coaching methods because that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 25-30 years.

So, yeah. I mean, today I wanted to really share with you something that is a new program that we’ve been testing out and rolling out over the last year or so. It’s kind of a way, if you’re like–for those people that are wanting really to take back control of where their life is heading.

With the Think Solution™, in a sense, when we talked about that before, the concepts in there are quite complex. So, we wanted to really try and test out something that was simpler and quicker to grasp and was for people that really were just entering into the personal development field.

We wanted to present concepts that they could relate to, rather than something that was a little bit more technical or psychology based.

So, we developed what we call Power on Purpose™. As with all our programs, we look to what works and the order it works in. We decided that there were certain things that we did with clients and groups that if we did them in the wrong order, then they simply wouldn’t have the same effect.

So, we looked at the order of growth that we found the people we worked with tended to respond best to. We put it into this program, Power on Purpose™.

So, there are five specific areas that once we start in this sequence, if you’d like, and we build up and we build up, then really big changes can happen, just from absorbing these ideas and putting into practice the techniques and the methods through each of the steps that we employ – to make the changes that are necessary.

In terms of Power on Purpose™, we started really with the whole area of potential. You know, we found that when people came to see us and when they came on our personal development weekends, it was kind of like they were looking for something, but they were starting from a place almost of being blind. You know?

One of the questions that’s most interesting when I ask people is, “So, what do you want?” And almost with nearly every person that I work with, what they would tell me is what they don’t want.

We thought, okay. This seems to be a bit of a sticking point. So, one of the first things that we need to do, really, is to help people become aware of what their potential is in their current situation. Because unless you know what your potential is, you don’t know really sort of what the next step to take is.

So, there’s a need, really, to first of all know what your capacity is to develop into something that you want to be, because you need really to before you plan and activate anything, know what your strengths are, to know who you are, and to know where you’ve come from and the place that you’re at now.

In a way, what this does is it gives you the knowledge to know what’s possible. It really can inform you of what your purpose is, what choices are available to you. So, the very first step that we discovered is that it was important to examine what a person’s current abilities are, and introduce you to the possibilities.

We’ve spoken about this before on previous programs that when you start to introduce the notion of possibilities, it’s really important to know where you’re starting from.

What this does is it can start to connect you with your significance, a connection to yourself, and the awareness that actually you are much more than you probably realised, that you’ve done more than you’ve realised, that you’ve achieved more than perhaps you give yourself credit.

From that place, then there’s more of a connection, an appreciation of then finding your purpose and mission in life is, so that you can live it to its maximum.

So, we started there. You know, we tested out this program. We put it out with individuals. We put it out with large groups. Everybody found that starting with getting clarity around your current potential really then sets up a desire to take the next step, and an awareness of what you really were capable of doing.

I believe that most people have really no real true awareness of their capabilities. We’re – as human beings, we have just the most incredible capabilities.

Most of the time, it’s either pushed out of us, or drummed out of us, or educated out of us in a lot of cases. Just watching television, reading the newspapers, listening to the radio, so often what we really are capable of is dampened down.

You know, we could get into a whole program about that in terms of why it’s important that people aren’t too powerful, but maybe that’s for another day.

So, we connected with the potential, first of all. The next step then, really was, okay … this is what I can do; this is what I’ve done, and these are the capabilities I have. This is the potential I’ve got.

So, okay, what am I going to do then? What am I going to do now?”


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In the meantime, consider those questions. When you have sight of your potential, what would you want to do? What would you do if your potential was limitless and there was nothing to stop you?

Until next time …


Originally posted 2017-02-01 14:47:56.

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