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Lately, it seems like I’m constantly drawn to a new personal development book, podcast or blog that will help me live my best life, improve my mindset, be a better parent, be more productive and obtain financial and time freedom.  Of course, none of these come without a long list of traits and habits that one must develop in order to obtain the dream life – perseverance, flexibility, unwavering faith, extraordinary effort, commitment, focus, determination, uncomfortable goals – I could go on and on.

We are becoming obsessed with self-improvement!

Don’t get me wrong – I think personal development is key to living a happy, healthy, productive life.  In fact, Seashells and Storytime is dedicated to inspiring busy moms to make time for self-care and personal development, so they can be the best version of themselves – not the tired, overwhelmed, unhappy version that we all experience raising tiny humans.


I can’t be the only one who is overwhelmed by my own personal development journey!  I’m exercising daily, following good nutrition habits, and drinking enough water.  I’m meditating, visualizing, and trying to affirm and manifest positive thoughts and dreams.  I’m trying to be a more patient mom and practice positive parenting strategies.  I’m learning about marketing strategies, Pinterest strategies, and social media strategies.  I’m teaching myself how to research, create and publish journals.

I’m learning to say yes, say no, wash my face, stop apologizing, be a badass, dare to lead, manifest my dreams, win friends and influence people, follow high-performance habits, be highly effective, not give a f*ck, rise strong, tidy up and be 10% happier.  I’m trying to follow the success principles, the 5-second rule, the 15 invaluable laws of growth, take the big leap, cultivate what matters, and brave the wilderness.  Whew!


While I’m busy trying to be a better person I’m also working a part-time job, building my online business, and acting as CEO of my household where I clean, cook, do laundry, pick the same items up off the floor ten times a day, and schedule and provide transportation to and from school, events, extracurricular activities, and appointments.  I wipe tears and noses, heal wounds with the magic of a bandaid, and provide endless hugs.  I pack lunches, help with homework, read stories, break up sibling rivalries and repeat myself at least twenty times a day.  I listen to my children’s daily fears, questions, and joys, and am available for them at any time of day or night.

I’m also a wife.  I listen to my husband talk about his day, his successes, his challenges and I support him on his personal development journey as he follows his dreams of being an entrepreneur.  Many days I tuck our kids in at night while he’s still at work.  I wake them up each morning and get them off to school while he’s at work checking off his to-do list, accomplishing his goals, and dreaming bigger.  He is building his business and following his dreams, while I hold down the fort and work around everyone else’s schedules (while also trying to follow my own dreams).

I’m doing all this because I’m trying to raise two young girls to someday be strong, independent, and confident women who follow their dreams and believe in themselves.  I hope to model the behaviors that make me healthy, strong, and successful, but I also want to enjoy the snuggles, stories, and activities and appreciate the long talks about what is on their mind.  I want to feel energetic, successful, and worthy.

I want it all!

The more I try to do, to learn, to read and to listen to, the more my brain goes into overload and the less I accomplish.  When you try to do too much you can’t do any of it well.  I’m so busy reading and listening to more and more, that I’m not focusing enough on putting into practice what I am learning.  My brain is on overdrive and I’m lost figuring out what to do next.

Can you relate?

So, I’m taking a personal development break.

No more pressure to read more self-help books, listen to a podcast while I’m folding laundry, or make new goals.  I’ll keep working on the ones I already have.

Instead of trying to read new personal development books I’m going to read more fiction books.  When my mind feels available for growth I will re-read a book I’ve already read, in order to continue to master the habits in the book, rather than take on more.  I’m not saying I’ll never pick up a new self-help book, however, at this season in my life, I need to take a step back, absorb more, and stress less.

I plan to continue to focus on my health, fitness, and nutrition because that allows me to have more energy, be more productive, and feel good about myself.

I will continue to practice positive self-care habits during my morning routine because I appreciate the quiet time to myself each morning and the benefits of waking up early.

I’ll focus on taking care of myself, so I can better take care of my kids.  I will model being a healthy, happy and productive Mom without sacrificing my sanity.

I will do my best to find a balance between being content with where I am now and continuing to grow.  

And I will continue to work on these goals without pressuring myself to constantly accomplish more.   When I’m ready I will have more goals to set and I know I will continue to accomplish them.  Just not right now.  Right now I’m going to enjoy the summer, spending time with my kids, supporting my husband, and enjoying the season of life I’m in because in a few years my kids won’t need me to wipe their noses, read them stories, or tuck them in at night.

Finding balance

As a result, I may not meet my sales goals, I may go a month without emailing my followers, I may question myself from time to time, and I may apologize more than I should.  I may skip a workout and indulge in a bowl of ice cream instead.  I’ll also trade my morning routine for more sleep when I feel I need it.

But, I will follow the 5-second rule and try really hard not to give a f*ck.  I’ll tidy up from time to time, and perhaps, I’ll win friends and influence people with this post.  I will continue to practice self-care habits and work to be the very best version of myself without the pressure of reading another book or setting a new goal.

As always, I will be flexible with myself and my family, I will persevere through the challenges, and I will have unwavering faith that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I will rise strong and cultivate what really matters.  

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