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Here is a follow up blog on the C-4 program that LIFE is launching early next year! In my opinion, LIFE is creating one of the largest, most educated communities of entrepreneurs in the world. Creating two of the top 50 leadership experts as per Inc. Magazine, New York Times best selling authors, multiple published authors and a huge bench of world class speakers and entrepreneurs. We are building an incredible team of people to launch the C-4 Project. We encourage you to find out where the next launch event is being held and come out and learn more.

I have a packed schedule over the next couple of weeks starting in Janesville, WI then to Portland, Or over to Columbia, SC and down to Atlanta, Ga just to name a few. I am also doing multiple webcasts to launch this program. We are looking for more people who want to leverage this idea and help launch this program. The LIFE App is like a university in your pocket giving you all the tools and education you need to become an entrepreneur and launch this exciting program with us.

Enjoy the blog below where Orrin explains the power of combining content, commerce, community and crypto in to one life changing idea.

How do MatchMakers Solve the Chicken or the Egg Challenge?

Every payment system platform seeks to serve at least two separate customers, namely, merchants and consumers. The goal is to achieve critical masses where the merchants join for access to the large community of buyers and more people join the community to access the growing number of merchants within the platform. Entrepreneurs must build a proper ecosystem to support both groups and then sell the benefits to all sides. However, the key to the whole deal is to satisfy both groups of customers concurrently or the platform will not reach critical mass.

For instance, when the entrepreneurs talk to the merchants, they proclaim, “I have this revolutionary payments App that makes accepting crypto just as easy as accepting a credit card.” Their reaction is, “Wow, that’s awesome. How many people are using the app?” When the answer back is, “well, not many right now, but we just started beta testing.”  The merchants basically tell the innovators to come back when they have consumers. Unfortunately, the typical consumer conversation isn’t going that well either without the proper ecosystem in place.

After all, the customers seek popular stores in the payment system platform to visit regularly, but in order for the platform to accomplish this, they must talk to the merchants about the tens of thousands of customers they already have in their community. Imagine going to customers and saying, “Hi, I have revolutionary App and and this transformative payments method accepts crypto as easily as credit cards” Their reaction is, “Wow, cool, where can I use it?” When the answer is, “well, not many places, yet, but we hope to get all the big names eventually.” Of course, the customers tell them to check back when they get the bigger merchants on board.

Do you see the dilemma? To satisfy one of the platform’s customers (merchants) requires an abundance of the end customers, but they don’t want to join unless stores and discounts are already present. This is the struggle for all matchmaker models, a struggle to both customers groups simultaneously. For why would the merchants go through the complicated crypto acceptance process at each store, if they are not assured the customers will come? Similarly, why would real product buyers generate or purchase crypto unless they are assured they can buy the things they want from the stores they love? If this paradox is not resolved, the chicken or the egg challenge will flatten another cool idea.

Perhaps the simplest method to cut through the proverbial Gordian’s Knot is for an existing community to partner with an innovative platform to birth the C-4 Project, a project that solves the Chicken or the Egg Challenge. Thankfully, our joint venture partners knew the community they wanted to team up with, a community that has filled stadiums for nearly 20 years now. The founders of this App spent the last year courting us to join their platform and offered us the exclusive right to promote their platform in the Direct Sales/MLM space to help them solve the chicken or the egg challenge to achieve critical mass. This is the specific chicken or the egg scenario, one of the main roadblocks to crypto going mainstream, that is solved through the C-4 Project, marrying content, commerce and community together to benefit all three groups.

In fact, the C-4 Project addresses every known challenge withholding crypto from going mainstream. Imagine a patented payment App that through an innovative algorithm minimizes price volatility, reduces transaction times, and charges no transaction fees.  Further, imagine a network of 70,000 locations growing to over 100,000 by launch date (this is just the tip of the iceberg). Now add in the LIFE community, a community designed to solve the chicken or the egg challenge by bringing tens of thousands of users to the platform overnight, and one has imagined the future. Remember, this platform patented designed can use crypto just as easily and efficiently as dollars so the possibilities around the globe are practically unlimited. The LIFE community will market everywhere!

Who Are Some of the Merchants?

Merchants are being added weekly, but if we go back to our Winston-Salem example, the one where BitCoin had only one merchant in the whole city,, and within six miles of our packed out major function, Life members will soon be able to visit 38 stores to save money and generate crypto:

Dominoes Pizza, Bonefish Grill, IHOP, Krispy Kreme, Carrabas Italian Grill, Pappa John’s, Kmart, Tijuana Flats, Lands End, Cold Stone Cremery, Chipotle, Sears, TGI Friday, Express, Old Navy, Game Stop, Sephora, Gap, Bannana Republic, Aerie, JC Penny, American Eagle, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Outback Steakhouse, Chilis, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Applebees, The Home Depot, Lowes, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ulta, AMC Theaters, Steak & Shake, Staples, O’Charleys.

After six months of asking tough questions, seeking to poke a hole in this, I realized that this is a million people plan in the next couple of years. The C-4 Project solves the blockchain roadblocks to turn the crypto dream into reality. Interestingly, it’s been nearly two decades (1999) since Chris Brady and I heard Michael Dell explain how community was the key to the 3C’s – this is truer now than ever with the Mobile revolution! Content participates because they have guaranteed customers before investing a dime in marketing (they only pay a fee if the customer purchases something). The commerce piece is the joint-venture where LIFE leverages it’s compensation plan along with our partner’s patented payment technologies to reward customers and members. Finally, LIFE builds communities in which products and services flow to enjoy 3-10% off store prices and then generate crypto for participating in the platform.

Notice how the Community leads the entire project, not Content or Commerce, who must serve the community in a FREE MARKET environment! Community members, starting with customers, will generate millions of dollars of real savings and crypto as they visit stores within the platform. Moreover, since we are not beholden to any particular product, any supplier that cannot meet the quality and price will simply be ignored and lose business. Hence, unlike nearly all the rest of network marketing field, who spend millions of dollars to produce generic no-name products, recruit captured-market distributors, and then expect them all to buy the overpriced products, products that allegedly cure cancer, make you look 20 again, or help you lose 50 pounds overnight, all of this from a scientific formula enhanced by rare catapillar fungi recently discovered in the Amazonian jungle :); LIFE is providing real stores, with real savings, and real crypto, all at the best prices. The Free Market is the best teacher to ensure merchant’s truly serve end consumers.

The is a real world use of real world crypto with an immediate demand throughout the payment app ecosystem. There is no Initial Coin Offering (ICO), for unlike so my crypto scams out there, this is NOT an investment in some pie-in-the-sky currency with no real world use. Rather, we are building communities in which products and services flow and receive compensation for being the marketing arm to solve the Chicken or the Egg Challenge. This is a game, set, match victory for the LIFE champions who stayed the course and proved that communities could live without being “owned” by a specific content provider. As I have said for years, those who stay will be champions. Community is the key and our model will prove it.

What Part Will You Play?

No one loses in the ecosystem because the profits for all sides are created by streamlining frictions and inefficiencies within the 3C’s and rewarding all groups for fixing them. Now that the reader understands the big picture of the model, one can see why I haven’t slept eight hours straight in over 60 days!  I am so thankful and excited to finally complete our  first mission, reaching one million people, and moving onto bigger and better missions.

What we do in the LIFE community is promote and build the ecosystem for the content, commerce, and community to thrive together in a win-win fashion as we take Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and our Community mainstream. In one App, we teach people the Three Keys to Wealth so they have the opportunity to live Financially Free.

Customers, of course, get the save money and generate crypto part of Literacy for free and those who choose to join the movement, and receive ongoing income for every customer served, can upgrade into the  full Literacy, Leadership and Leverage to chase down their dreams.

Everyone is getting in that understands, whether it be as a customer in January, or a PowerPlayer Ready for the sold out today. The LIFE community is stoked, knowing it’s job is to build depth and numbers (and are they ever doing their job!) in anticipation for the official launch in January. If we have this much growth in the Pre-Launch, imagine the growth when we actually launch C-4 in January?  LIFE is good. 🙂

What part will you play in the financial revolution?

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