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How Very Successful People Get Very Successful

Perhaps the most important factor that makes about 1% of people successful and happy, and what makes the other 99% of people fail, is the commitment and determination, and I guess that everybody already heard this many times in life. But if it were just these 2 things, then why the percentage number of people achieving phenomenal success isn’t higher?

Well, it’s because it’s not quite as easy as it sounds and there are so many things and factors that can get one closer to the goal or further away from it. It’s basically the formula of whole life, we are either getting closer to our ideal and happy life or we slowly distance ourselves from it, or constantly dribbling somewhere in between all the time.

Imagine that you are very committed and determined but you are focused and doing the wrong thing, do you think it’s going to magically make you successful?

Of course not.

How to Set and Achieve Goals

The formula to achieve goals and success is not that complex as many think, but also not as simple and easy as many would think.

You always have to put in something in order to take out something, usually much more than you put in if you do things right.

Just because some things look simple, it doesn’t mean they are easy, especially if we haven’t done them before.

Just take as an example of driving a car.

It looks fairly simple to do so, mainly for the person who is actively driving. But when a person sits behind the wheels the first time it’s confusing and it takes some time to learn how to properly operate the machine to serve us well.

Just Imagine, that everybody can learn to drive responsibly without running over 10 people and causing fatal accidents on the hourly basis.

How come is that?

It’s because It is the Standard that everybody agreed on, that if you cannot learn to safely and responsibly drive a car there must be something seriously wrong with you.

And nobody wants to be a one out of billion people who can’t do that, right?!

It would be too embarrassing.

And now, take all of what I’ve just said and try to apply it in the whole life.

You see there is no standard in achieving success and goals in life otherwise everybody would be achieving a goal after goal without seeing any big success and excitement in it.

There are a few brilliant formulas and strategies on how to achieve success, usually created by a very few people who actually did it. But because there are very few (1%) winners and the vast majority (99%) of losers, people tend to be in the 99% because that is considered as the standard.

And then it actually becomes absolutely normal to totally fail and be in that 99%, just like it’s normal to be in 99% of people who learn to safely drive a car.

Which is in a sense very contradicting because learning to drive a car is actually a good thing and very helpful skill in life, although giving up and fail in an attempt to achieve success is definitely not.

But it’s absolutely tolerated by our society, so it’s easy to give up.

If everybody would approach achievement of success the same as learning to drive a car, walk, or talk, then guess what would happen, 99% of people would be happy and successful and only 1% would live in a mediocre misery.

Self-Sabotage and Why Your Mind is Tricking You

I give one more example of how people get easily tricked by their mind.

Imagine that you studied and graduated with the diploma in business MBA or whatever. Normally you would be expected to have the full and complete knowledge of business and how to successfully start one and eventually within a short period of time become successful and rich, right?

Well, how come that most graduates with the diploma do not?

The answer is simple.

It’s because they only know the theory from books and not even from someone, a professor who would actually teach what he or she is doing in real life.

So when students finally get out and attempt to implement their knowledge, they get all confused and realize that things are kind of different in the real life.

Just like with the car example above, you cannot learn to safely drive the car from a book, but you actually have to get in and practice it along with successes and failures so you can get better and better.

This is the same in business and even in whole life no matter what you do.

Highly recommend reading the eBook called MindFrick.

Open Mind, Focus, and Unconditional Belief Are Important Ingredients

The major point here is, that if you are committed and try long enough with the open mind, focus, and belief, sooner or later you get where you want to be, period.

But many people just can’t spot out and get rid of their self-sabotaging behavior deeply implemented in their overall doings and methods.

In other words, you have to weed out your garden once in a while to let the good vegetable grow better, bigger, and faster.

Just like the weed is slowly overgrowing and killing the good vegetable, the self-sabotaging behavior is slowly misdirecting you on the way to achieve your goals.

So, with that being said, the most important thing to do in order to get in 1% of successful people is to every day stand guard at the door of your mind and seek out to locate these bad self-sabotaging behaviors and habits to work on them and change them.

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