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At this year’s Association for Talent Development (ATD) annual conference, the organization shared a new career development framework for talent development professionals. It’s really good and very intuitive, so I suggest you check it out to get some solid information about how to develop your skills.

I would also suggest checking out the framework because I think we can use it in designing a career development framework for our employees. I really like flexible models and I think this is one. While the ATD framework focuses on talent development, I can see the education options becoming a framework for any role. Here are the seven career development levels that would make for a very comprehensive learning program.

  1. Competency training. This is the traditional skills and knowledge training that employees need to effectively do their jobs every day. I’d like to think this happens, but I’m not naïve. Sometimes companies can’t or won’t make the investment. And we all know that has a detrimental impact on the bottom-line.
  1. Conference and workshops. While attending conferences isn’t often coordinated with learning and development departments, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered learning. I’m also not suggesting that training departments start approving conference attendance, because there are other reasons that employees attend. Just don’t forget about the valuable educational component.
  1. Development Programs. Speaking of replacement and succession planning, organizations have to think about providing employees education for the jobs they have right now AND the jobs they will hold in the future.

As you’re thinking about employee training and development, ask yourself, “What types of learning do we offer employees?” and “Are we providing learning opportunities that help employees now as well as in the future?” This type of framework can also be something organizations could share with employees during orientation and onboarding to show how the company makes investments in an employee’s success.

So, think about stacking career opportunities. It’s a terrific visual way to share with employees the company’s learning programs.

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