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I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for the longest. Personal development is the point of life! It’s why we are here and if you are not growing or trying to develop yourself every day, it’s time to start darling!

Personal development is a necessary part of life. Although we adapt very easily, we still are meant to aim for being a better person. With every new goal accomplished, we should aim for better. Putting yourself through challenges is the only way to really grow as a person. Test your limitations and abilities, push yourself to the farthest point you can to reveal your true strength.

You can discover who you really are by implementing personal development activities in your life and it’s never too late to start. It’s time to reveal a better you!

Step #1

Start Immediately – Priority should be put on yourself and there is no better time than now. Personal development is a journey that requires time so why not start right away? All you have to do is make a decision that you are ready to change your life.

Step #2

Baby Steps – Whenever you have a plan to make changes within yourself, you want to take it slow and start with baby steps. Personal development is achieved by forming new habits that will improve your daily life. Forming new good habits can be very hard and will require a lot of perseverance with patience. You may get steered off your course in the beginning but what counts is the recovery. You don’t have to be very strict with yourself. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, I say timing can’t be placed on achieving greatness. So long as you really want to change your life, you will find a way.

Step #3

Borrow From Other People’s Experience – You don’t have to bear all the consequences to wrong choices people make in life. I like to hear other people’s story and apply whatever wisdom I get from them to my life. If you have the chance, always learn from other people in whatever you are doing. Read books, listen to podcasts or just a plain old conversation with relatives will provide you with a lot of key info about life, its trials and triumphs.

Step #4

Welcome Changes – I’m going to be honest about my dislike for changes but that’s because I love calmness and a bit of predictability so I’m always afraid of what life might throw my way but the harsh truth is that there can’t be growth without changes whether good or bad. We must welcome all kinds of changes and deal with them accordingly. You have to embrace changes to gain the benefits of personal development. It is a change process. It is all about transformation.

Step #5

Take Responsibility – You have no one to blame for the choices you make in life. When you do great things, all credits are due to you and when you actively make irresponsible choices only you will bear the cost. We all don’t want to live a life filled with regrets so start taking positive actions as soon as possible just so you can reap all the rewards in the near future. You will love who you become when you make positive changes and the people around you will realize your value too.

Step #6

Count Your Blessings – On your journey to bettering your life always remember that perfection is an illusion. Be grateful for all that is good presently in your life and only strive to be better at what you want to change. We are all flawed in some way and that is life. Our flaws don’t define any of us. What matters is the heart. Practice kindness and gratitude at all times.

Step #7

Practice Intentional Living – Meaning it’s best to do everything with intent. Intentional living is a way to make sure your goals and intentions are aligned. When these two are not in synchrony, we find ourselves making excuses as to why something cannot be done. Know the reason behind every decision you make and be sure of what you hope to accomplish from them. Don’t just do something because everyone else is doing it.

Step #8

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Try new things, write up a bucket list and start with the easiest to accomplish. To really develop your self is to put yourself through tests that allow you to face your fears. Dare to dream, have goals and ambitions that scare you. It is a way to push yourself even further just to see how far you can go and most of the times you will surprise yourself.

Step #9

Live Your True Life Purpose – Your passion will lead you to your true life purpose. Following your own path in life is a great way to develop your self and for self-discovery too. You will learn so much about yourself and that is growing too. In knowing what works for you and what doesn’t work is how you start to make better choices in your life.

Step #10

Persevere – Try not to give up, defaulting happens and when it does do not kick yourself about it. Do not get frustrated with yourself. It’s just part of growth and life. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what counts is getting back up and continuing the journey to a better you.

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