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As I continue to play catch up with some of the events and happenings before ECQ,  that I want to share with all of you, I remembered that I had this draft ready to publish. As expected  La Vie Institute has adapted the way they are offering their classes while we are living in a quarantine-like state. One thing is for sure, the personal development classes that they offer, can easily improve the way we live our personal and professional lives no matter how the information is delivered.

I met Monica of La Vie Institute, through my friend Maidette Cornista, years ago. To put it in perspective for you, I believe when I met her, she was newly married, and just put up her business. My friend Maidette, was still living in Manila, and her son Kenny was still batchmates with Gia. We were co-parents in De La Salle Zobel, and I think Gelli was just a toddler.

Monica Santiago-Munoz has been helping individuals be their best selves since 2015.

La Vie Institute has an unassuming store front in Commerce Center, in Alabang. In fact, it’s a stone’s throw from two other places of interest for me in the same mall. Evolve Yoga and Centro Holistico are both places I visit, for taking care of my body, while La Vie Institute can help me center myself through my thoughts and emotions. It was through a weekend workshop with La Vie in February, that I created a greater understanding about the inner workings of my mind, my heart, and my emotions.

And because I’m still chasing that balance in everything I do, I found this 3 day workshop extremely helpful in remembering who I am and who I want to be.

Balance Balance Balance…

Remember how I said in a previous post that sometimes I feel like I’m at being a mom? And then on other days when I’m pulled out of the house for work, I feel like I’m winning at being and advocate? And still yet, others, I feel like I’m teetering on being a wife who can manage taking care of herself and her most important relationship, with her most important human?

Well, if I can’t achieve perfect balance with the many hats that I wear, I would hope that the classes and workshops I invest my time in will help me get a little closer. I aim to be a better, more effective communicator in all of my relationships and that’s a great start.

So at least that way, I’m still striving for the mind, body, spirit connection…

And forgiving  myself, and not judging myself in the process.

PSST…that was one of the first rules on the first day of the workshop.

#NoJudgement (We are our own worst critics.)

Long time coming…

So when Monica touched base with me again after all these years, to share some of the new and improved programs that they offer for students, leaders, and adults who may be mid-lifing, I welcomed the opportunity to collaborate.

Each workshop session has notes and worksheets to fill out. Being able to look back on this binder has been very helpful for me.I think La Vie workshops are great for people who work in HR, younger kids who are still finding their way, and others who would just like to improve their relationships, find their purpose, and recenter.

Different from all the others…

Touted as offering the country’s ONLY, EQ based Personal Development programs, La Vie  is home to a ton of consultants. These consultants are certified in different ways, offering a well rounded approach to personality development.

I love how each session was taught by different consultants. Each consultant, not only has their only expertise that they speak about, but also an individual approach to teaching…

The three day course that I participated in, was reflective, informative, and refreshing.

What to expect:

When you attend this 3 day workshop, here are a few things you can expect to feel and explore:

  • Expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone.
  • Expect to feel vulnerable, yet safe at the same time.
  • Expect to really examine those voices in your head.
  • Expect to have A-HA moments.
  • Expect to be given REAL tools in self examination which will cultivate an awareness in ALL that you do.
  • Expect to be given a new perspective on health, stress, and how we manage it all.
  • Expect to go home with a better understanding on EMOTIONS, and whether we choose to REACT or RESPOND.
  • Expect to go home as a better “listener” who is responsible in thoughts, actions, and communications skills over all.

I was so happy to start the workshop with this card from Rosan. I have always tried my best to speak and walk my truth. It was affirmation for me to start this journey of personal development with this card.

Why join?

I think I have consistently asked myself the kinds of questions that challenge me to be better in my life.

Could I be a better mother?

How about a better wife?

Or what about a better business partner, or advocate for individuals with IDD?
The answer every time is always a “YES, I CAN DEFINITELY find more ways to improve how I carry myself and how I communicate my ideas.”

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Back in February, I took a personal development course @lavieinstitute which reinforced the way I think when it comes to how to run a foundation and manage my personal relationships. The three day workshop pushed me outside of my comfort zone challenging my process, my inner voice, and my purpose. While we are all working from home, learning new skills (either online or in the kitchen), and managing the stresses of our “new normal,” I am reflecting on what I learned and flipping through my notes (I’m a note taker) to take stock of how to be a better communicator. • • • • Have you learned any new skills while we are in ECQ? What is your silver lining to being on lockdown? • • • • #silverlining #alwayslearning #learner #constant #EQ #personaldevelopment #lavieinstitute #leadership #leadershipskills #hrdevelopment #development #classes #workshop #seminar #manila #alabang #student #studentoflife #school #relationships #relationship

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Do I want to be a better leader?

Do I want to feel confident with the services that I offer clients who approach me in social media?
YES, ma’am.

Do I want to be a better daughter? Sister? Friend?

So, can I think of one reason why these series of workshops wouldn’t be helpful?

But, I will tell you this: You will take home what you put into it.

Meaning, you could sit through the whole class and not reflect on anything that is shared or passed on. That would be YOUR choice. BUT, if you are going into any of these workshops (both short and long) with the premise that you want to come out, a better person?

Then YOU, my friend, are ALREADY winning. 

Loved this part of the workshop, as I have always tried to start my year with a vision board. Who doesn’t love creating something like this?

My 5 takeaways:

Gosh, I have so many. But, I also don’t want to divulge too much.

So, I will share just a handful of really important take aways without expounding too much on them.

  1. The voices inside my head are not my own. C’mon. You know those voices. They are the ones that are constantly questioning your character, your choice of outfit, your gumption, and your worth. All this while, I thought it was me, myself, and I having these inner dialogues. All this time, I thought I was arguing with myself. When Rosean asked our class, to really think about who it was, that had the audacity to say the things that we say to ourselves, I paused. And then I realized it really wasn’t me. Think about it. Who does that little voice inside your head sound the most like? This revelation was mind blowing.
  2. Humans are humans. Ok. What does this even mean? It means that as humans, we like comfort, and change is hard to embrace if we are not mindful. It’s like that video that I have shared about where the Rabbi talks about the lobster. Don’t expect change or growth if you are aren’t willing to experience discomfort.
  3. Stress is only STRESS if you choose for it to be. YES. I won’t elaborate on this. But I’m sure you can search enough TEDx talks to figure it out. THIS directly correlates to Humans are Humans. “Stress propels you into action.” Whether you take actions that are good for you or detrimental to your health are entirely up to you.
  4. It’s not PERSONAL. (Exhale with me.) Yes. Guys. It’s not personal. PROMISE. I have shared my thoughts with you about self help books that I have read, and I am consistent in making this mistake over and over again, because so much of what I do is ruled by my emotions. Many times, you will see that what I passionately pursue is driven by my emotions. This can be a good and a bad thing.
  5. There are no good or bad emotions. JUST BAD REACTIONS.

Level one COMPLETE! L-R: Stephanie, Cathy, Joan, Polly, Jhoey, Jill, Sarah, moi, Matt

I came home from this weekend of self examination with some new found friends (of course, we all followed one another on social media) feeling like I could attack communication with my kids and my husband with a new fervor and understanding that would have us speaking the same language.

Going Virtual in the time of COVID19

Because La Vie is also acutely aware of just how much we will need to continue our personal growth in spite of our current circumstances, their team of life coaches, consultants, and experts have come together to pivot the way they offer workshops and classes.

Here are the FOUR Virtual Workshops you can register for NOW:

  • Teens (13-17 years old)
    1) Developing Personal Self Directed Learning Skills
    2)Critical Thinking Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Adults (18 years old and up)
    3)Emotionally Intelligent Communication Skills
    4)Developing Presence & Presentation Skills Virtually

How to Prepare and What to Expect:

Each workshop will consist of four 2.5 hour sessions with no more than 8 people in each class. This gives the small group plenty of time and space to discuss and explore concepts presented with the consultant.

Classes will tentatively start in mid-June and there are only a few requirements for each class. It’s important to be ready for the virtual class by having a stable internet connection, completing the assessment with a consultant 1 week prior to the start of the program, a zoom account and a headset to attend the virtual workshop. It’s also important to have access to a printer so you can print some of the materials that will be distributed through an Edmodo account.

1) Program:  Developing Personal Self-Directed Learning Skills

What TEENS will gain:

  • Skills to learn better in both face-to-face and virtual learning
  • Understand your personal strengths and your areas for development
  • Gain awareness of your tendencies and master your personal style & motivation
  • Learn how the brain works and optimize how you learn better
  • Adapt a growth mindset that will enable perseverance and fulfillment in doing schoolwork


  1. How do we Learn?
  2. Our Brain Tendencies and Our Barriers to Learning
    • Learning Optimally with
      • Knowing Personal Learning Styles & Strategies
      • Cultivating Perseverance
      • Developing a Self Directed Learning Plan

Each of my teens would benefit greatly from these classes. It is my goal to raise kids who are better than me and Nino in more ways than one. Giving them proper communication tools is a great start!

 2) Program: Critical Thinking Through Emotional Intelligence for Teens

What TEENS will gain:

  • Wider perspective in assessing information through different mediums
  • Develop empathy and perspective taking through discourse
  • Skill in responding with social and cultural awareness
  • Thinking on your feet and developing spontaneity and exercising expression


  1. What happens when Critical Thinking is amiss?
  2. Introspection, Social implication and forming your own perspective
    • Exercising critical thinking with empathy & social awareness
      • Experiential Learning and application:
      • Processing News
      • Processing Research
      • Evaluating Art
      • Commenting on an experience

3) Program: Emotionally Intelligent Communication Skills for Adults

Who Should Attend: Adults who are people handlers, Parents, educators, and those looking to upskill their personal and professional development tool belt

What you will gain:

  • Awareness of personal communication blocks that you hinder you from maximizing your communication opportunities
  • Skills that will enable you to align better with people
  • Shift mindsets that limit your ability to understand and perceive optimally
  • Deploy empathy and compassion, allowing more trust & cooperation to develop in your relationships


  1. What makes up Communication?
  2. Barriers to Communication & connecting authentically
    • Purposeful Communication (Intention; Setting and Aligning success metrics
      • Communicating with Empathy

With ZOOM being the new way to meet and conduct business, this workshop on Virtual Presentations is not only current, but extremely helpful.

4) Program: Developing Presence & Presentation Skills Virtually for Adults

Who Should Attend:

Those who utilize virtual platforms to communicate, people handlers, administrators, and those looking to upskill their personal and professional development tool belt

What you will gain:

  • Preparedness in conducting virtual communication with ease and confidence
  • Skills to come across with impact, professionalism and warmth
  • Practice in delivering material through a virtual meeting room
  • Feedback and constructive criticism in an encouraging & safe space
  • Professional edge in the way you conduct and show up in virtual meeting


  1. Why is training for virtual communication important?
  2. Factors to Consider in Virtual Communication (Location, Time, Modes, Preparation)
    • Facilitating a virtual meeting
      • Sending an agenda and confirming meeting details & particulars beforehand;
      • Actual facilitation and processing virtual meetings & minutes metrics and execution

La Vie will also have a FREE webinar on May 31st entitled “Understanding and Applying EQ Amidst COVID-19”  and it is open for everyone. REGISTER by clicking HERE.

If you would like to learn more about how you can develop communication skills and come closer to self actualization, while learning more about how to identify your emotions and use them to your advantage in business, relationships, and your advocacy , check out La Vie Institute by clicking here.

You can also check them out on:

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