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Hi all dear readers.

Today we have a special announcement about Anik Singal’s FREE book giveaway plus a very lucrative and valuable bonus for those who will get a book from us 🙂

There are 2 main reasons why we are doing the bonus offer.  

I think it’s very fair of us to say that.

Why is Anik Singal Giving His New Book Away for Free?

The main reason why is Anik giving his book away for free is to give the book in as many hands as possible to create a buzz momentum so as many people as possible get to hear about the book.

It’s just a way fo marketing in these days.

By Giving away the stuff for free, you are not making any money at all or even lose some money in the short run.

But in the long run, you are gaining a massive exposure and once you put the price on a book a lot of people will buy and you make your money back.

That’s it! There is no other catch.

From the author’s side, it’s a very generous and risky take.

What is the New Book About and Who is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is one of the top self-made online entrepreneurs, who’s built several multimillion dollar businesses.

It’s not just Anik who’s been able to secure a nice lifestyle and financial security, but also hundreds of his students from all around the world, coming from different backgrounds.

Anik has been featured in many popular magazines and media, meeting with famous people like Robert Kiyosaki or Sir Richard Branson.

Now many of you probably guess what the book is gonna be about.

How to take your life firmly in your own hands by becoming a confident and successful entrepreneur.

It’s about how to escape the employment and become an entrepreneur.

Going after dreams takes a lot of courage and this book is for motivating you on your journey, gives cool tips and advice on how what and where to start, and shows the amazing possibilities of human capacity and what is possible to achieve in life.

In nowadays digital world achieving personal and financial freedom is more attainable for normal people than at any time in the history.

What’s the Bonus?

Our special bonus is going to be probably one of the most valuable bonuses that you’ll be able to find, and I am saying it with confidence.

Anyone who gets the eSCAPE book from Us will get a new No-Bulshit Quick Digital Marketing Course (mainly SEO, how to get that sweet targeted organic traffic.) And/or hire our partner-associate digital marketing agency to manage your business online. All it includes is press release submission to the major big news sites, reputation management, branding, SEO, etc. (It’s a medium package priced at 999/month!)

Get new Anik Singal book to guide you on the way to achieve your goals and dreams along with all the extra bonuses.


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