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Let’s cut to the chase on this one, what is the secret of the third eye? Using meditation you can manipulate consciousness giving you the ability to rise above your automatic and conditioned responses. Meditation gives you a tool to overcome frustrations and rage which are the manifestation of our lower psyche.

Evolution of consciousness

The evolution of consciousness only takes place when we let go of  the animal impulse’s. This is because person intelligence is weakened when your get caught up in the lower states of consciousness, anger, rage, frustration. The lower levels of consciousness can become stumbling blocks to learning, getting in the way of achieving even the most mundane goals. Working with the third eye is to participate in your own evolution of consciousness, moving you from the fight or flight response of your nervous system to a conscious restful awareness… where your instincts and behaviours are under your control. The third eye is known as the seat of consciousness, here you will find balance, focus clarity wisdom. Check out Chakras… sacred secret of personal development

How does meditation aid learning?

Placing your conscious awareness on the third eye or seat of the soul gives you the possibility of developing greater clarity of mind… Shifting your consciousness to one which is unburdened by the illusions of lower consciousness, stress, worry and self doubt that we encounter during learning, problem solving, work and relationships, meditating upon the third eye / crown chakra in time allows you to see through the illusions that manifest in the mind… illusions that impede vision, happiness and performance.

my personal development journey or to put it a better way… my  spiritual development journey started when I came across a book called “The mind workout book ” authored by Robert Allen. I had heard of charkas meditation before but I didn’t give it much attention…  It was all a bit pie in the sky and UN scientific – Anyway to seeing chakra meditation in a book written and designed to boost brain power and intelligence moved meditation in my mind from something monks done to being a tool of personal development and transformation, a tool help me live as a” consciously free willed being”.

Following the basic instructions of the mind work out book I meditatated upon the crown and brow with the intention of become more conscious of the process of what you and millions of you are doing right now – READING, not only did meditation help me to unlock my ability to read and write, which evaded me for years, I learnt how to learn – I also gained some very interesting insights into the nature of my consciousness… how it moves and speeds up and slow down. Though observation I began to notice the nature other people’s consciousness, which is very important in building real rapport. I noticed the different ways people learnt and used their intelligences.

Know the nature of your mind

The only way to know something is to walk the path; Here’s an introduction to meditation… it’s all about inner learning the inspirence – rather being informed.
The below meditation help you gain a deeper awareness of your third eye which is the point between your eyes which is known as the seat of the soul /consciousness.  Their are have two parts this meditation.

Meditation 1. Counting meditation. Counting your breaths up to ten. The mind workout book recommends counting from  in your mind  until you arrive at ten… when  you get to ten start again. Make your breaths calm and relaxed Repeating process for 15min daily. the counting  exercise will have calming  effect on the mind and emotion’s, expanding ones awareness and  balancing the mind. You will  become more focused  and strong willed  see below for the benefits of meditation. When you feel comfortable move to the next step

Meditation 2 Chakra meditation. After completing the steps in the Counting meditation.  move your awareness though all your chakras starting at the root chakra. Visualise  the colours of the chakras one chakra at a time until you arrive at the crown chakra.

Chakra Colours

Sacral chakras….  Orange

Root chakras….  Red

When i first started this meditation my intention was to increase my awareness  and concentration,  so i focused my attention on the brow and crown chakras, but you should work throw all your chakras balancing them as you need to.

These meditations are great for shifting to higher and more relax realms of consciousness where you can learn and think and have greater control of your being.

Chakra meditation has the benefit of balancing the body’s energy field.
Remember where attention goes energy flows below is a map of the chakra points and some of the benefit of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation in general

• Meditation Facilitates learning … opens the doorway to accelerated learning
• Meditation aids memory
• Meditation Speeds up personal maturity
• Meditation improves sensory awareness internal and external
• Meditation Improved Confidence
• Meditation Improved self control
• Meditation Improved concentration
• Meditation give you a greater since of Inner clarity and mental balance which’s adds thought
• Ability to focus and work efficiently
• Meditation helps you to rationalise which’s gives you the ability to let go of negative emotions such as anger and paranoia
• Improved posture
• Better personal relationships because you develop greater empathic skills… great for rapport building
• Research shows that meditation Improved health
• Meditation enhances problem-solving skills
• Meditation is great stress buster
• Meditation helps self-actualization… So it’s Great personal development

• Research shows meditation Improver’s blood circulation
• Lowering of blood pressure similar to the relaxed state of sleep
• Greater patience
• Helps develop a positive attitude
• Stops you from acting like a moron

There are many more benefits of doing meditation… give meditation a shot, In’perience it for your self.

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