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I believe that there is no straight universal answer to such a question.

But there is an approximate formula that has been tested and that works for many people. Still, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right or the only way.

More open-minded and focused we get, the much higher chance of achieving your goals there is. Some even say that they now see opportunities everywhere they go, around every corner.

So, it becomes simple to figure out how to get rich by doing what you love.

Steve Jobs once said, “If you don’t 100% love what you’re doing, you’ll fail.”

This could be understood and interpreted differently for everyone, but what I can take away from this is that when you totally love what you’re doing, then failures don’t exist in your world. It’s just getting better…better…and better every time you encounter some errors.

Obviously, to become like that, it requires a huge amount of self-awareness and self-confidence, as well as discipline and focus, love and faith/belief.

Those are the main ingredients how to become successful and rich by doing what you love, but somehow it’s not as easy as it may look.

Coming down to many different and sometimes bizarre reasons we often tend to sabotage everything we wish and thrive for.

And many times it’s in the moments we don’t even recognize that we do right opposite wrong thing from what we actually want.

Our main challenge is to be aware and spot those moments to change whatever it is that previously failed us.

When you change the thought, you change the emotion…which changes the motion/action…and action changes the outcome, the result.

Again, it’s simple, but not easy to be fully aware and operate from this principle.

People love to overcomplicate things and overthink things too much. Acting like it cannot be that simple.

But it is.

So as an answer to the question if it is possible to get rich by doing what you love is absolutely positive. It just requires patience and self-discipline at the most.

Strong self-confidence will come naturally after because one of the things that come from self-discipline is self-confidence.

Really, try it for yourself if you don’t believe or in doubt.

Discipline yourself for daily 20-minute physical exercise and stick with it no matter what.

There will be a lot of time when your inner voice will be telling you to not do it, or leave it up for later, tomorrow, next week, but you actually never will.

You can’t back off in order to make this little experiment to work.

If you can stick with this discipline for 4 weeks every day without cheating, you will see how much of self-confidence you’ll have compared to 4 weeks back.

Plus, fit, healthy, and great body.

You will eventually see the benefits and you will want to continue doing that.

This tells us that with overcoming challenges our self-confidence grows, shaping us into the person that we want to be.

You will start to understand that in order to get, you have to give first, and how the whole law of attraction works in real life.

Hence, those people who got wealthy and rich by doing what they love just prove it.

Lok at the young uprising entrepreneurs that dreamed and figured the way. Today you can benefit from the generosity of those people who did it and achieved their dreams.

There is a new book by very successful young entrepreneur Anik Singal called eSCAPE – The 4 Stages of Becoming Successful Entrepreneur.


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