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What makes someone an expert in finding a job? I don’t think it’s looking for a job. Is it finding your own jobs? Looking at resumes? Hiring people?

I’ve seen people take a lot of paths to the career expert job. The first is the most apparent—HR people. I’ve talked to many who want to transition from HR director to career coach for people just like them. There’s something inherently cathartic about helping other people survive the same trauma you experienced.

The next career path that leads people to become an expert in finding a job is recruiting. Recruiters will tap out their network for new requisitions, and all of a sudden, they’re rebranding as experts in resume writing. 

In most cases, it’s a ruse to get more resumes in the database. At best, it comes from a big heart with too much time on their hands.

The last path is the shadiest. It’s people who don’t have any relevant work experience then sell software and tech to candidates. 

You know the type – that vendor who thinks their tool will help you find a job.

Fun fact, I can talk trash on this because I was that person many years ago. I was writing advice about the job search two years into my career and one of the worst economic environments ever. I know. I was an idiot.

In fairness, I would say my writing came from a good place. I knew what it felt like to be a job seeker, and I didn’t want anyone else to feel like that. I wanted to help people find a job and genuinely believed my advice would help. Was I biased about the product they used? Absolutely.

Who’s The Real Job Search Expert? 

Who do you trust? I think you trust your gut. 

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last five years, it’s that the best strategy for anything you want comes from your heart. Doing things to appease or appeal to others doesn’t work. You have to be who you are and find ways to connect. 

That advice goes for LinkedIn and standing out in your job search, too. 

There’s a moment where someone knows nothing about you, and you get to change their mind. That’s the kind of story you should be telling – one that stands out for all the right reasons. 

Yes, even in a job search. 

My Top Advice for Finding A Job

While I would never call myself a career expert, I am sure as hell an expert on writing memorable stories. 

All of these blogs will tell you a little different way to think about it; another way to do it your way and stand out because of who you are, not because of my template or some generic bullshit. 

I have no software to sell. No promises. No templates. Just a few ideas to show people who you are. To show people what’s unforgettable about you.

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