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Work and Days by Andy Law looks at what the Ancient Greeks and Romans can teach us about succeeding at work today. In today’s blog, we look at a piece of advice on Personal Development.


Personal Development

There will be occasions during your career when you are extremely nervous, or even terrified. It might be that you’ve been selected to make a big and important presentation or that you’ve been asked to submit a report on a key aspect of your business. Maybe it’s just a meeting you have been asked to attend with people you don’t regularly meet. Everyone has their own threshold of anxiety, but whatever it is, the fear is real and should be taken seriously.

My advice is to tell people how you feel. You can pretty much guarantee that just about everyone has experienced the same jitters over something. It can also confirm your resolve to get on and do it. Trust me, few people will notice you are nervous once you start the task at hand.


Pacuvius (born around 220 BCE) had two careers in his life. He started out as an artist. He was well respected, and his work was still being viewed almost 200 years later. At some point, he decided to pursue his second career – writing tragedies. The Roman tragedy was highly regarded, with the playwrights Ennius, Lucius Accius and Pacuvius being the leading writers that we know about.

Unbelievably, not one single play from these three survives. In fact, very little Roman tragedy survives at all. Two hundred years after Pacuvius, our old friend Seneca wrote plays based on Greek tragedies. An unknown playwright wrote a tragedy called Octavia, which focuses on three days during the reign of Emperor Nero. And as far as Roman tragedies are concerned, that’s about it.

About the book

We may have advanced technologically and scientifically, but when it comes to raw intelligence we have progressed no further than the Greeks and the Romans. And when it comes to business and strategy, Greece and Rome could well be called the ‘Mothers of Invention’. We know the Ancient Greeks and Romans through their warfare, construction, science, oratory, technology, philosophy, drama and literature. But there were businessmen too. Traders, shopkeepers wholesalers, accountants, commercial travellers and so on. In this exciting new book we encounter famous names like Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Euripides, Cicero, Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius as well as many other clever thinkers from the past whose views on how to get through the working day are so contemporary you d think they were written yesterday.

You’ll discover an amazing emphasis on self-development, leadership techniques, the best use of time and the importance of caring for both our physical and mental health. Each day there is a small piece of wisdom from over one hundred of the world-class strategists, proven leaders, inspirational innovators, smart writers and successful power-brokers from the period of history that first taught us how to think and then taught us to lead and manage

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