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Milan Shah founded Alliancetime Media Group when the Jio revolution hit the country. Hailing from Gujarat, the young chap could feel the change his Mota Bhai was planning to bring and build his agency. And within a few years, his if a success story. He has been handling multiple events and campaigns for premium brands and is now a name to reckon with. So, recently, we sat to chat about his story, how he carved his path and what got him successful.

We all aim to have bigger things in life is what he says. “A fancier house, a fatter paycheck, more exotic vacation and a more mindful lifestyle. We dream about our goals every day.

But how easy or tough is achieving that success? Is it a cakewalk? Or a rigorous one that tests you?”

Mr Shah asserts that it all depends on how much you are willing to put in. It depends on the kind of improvements you are willing to make in your personality. It is all about striving to be better. Here, we have compiled what Milan Shah believes are some of the best tools to make self-improvement and reach closer to your dreams.

1. Read. Research and read.

We live in times of information being available for all. From the oldest scriptures to the latest fad, we can know about anything and everything in a single click.

So, researching goes a long way in what you are doing. It is very important to push out questions and read the answers.

2. Level up your skillset by picking up new habits

It is very easy to be comfortable with who you are today. But that’s not how successful people think. Success, to them, comes when they are constantly learning new things. Explore how you respond to new things. Try a new game or pick up a new diet – the idea is to stretch yourself in different aspects, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

3. Identify your blind spots

Blinds spots are the areas that we always tend to not see. And discovering blind spots helps us figure out our areas of improvement. And the simple trick to identify a blind spot is by making a list of things that trigger you – trigger meaning-making you feel annoyed, frustrated, or angry. These represent your blind spots. Work on them.

4. Never miss your deadlines twice.

It is very easy to miss our deadlines and goals every once in a while. It’s human. And it happens. But if you are missing it twice in a succession, then you are on a roadway to make this attitude a habit.

And we all know, lazy bums don’t necessarily succeed.

5. Filter your circle.

The famous Jim Rohn had rightly said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” So, always focusing on building a great company around you. Engage with positive and aspirational people. The day-dreamers won’t take you anywhere.

6. Look for a mentor or a coach.

There’s no easier way to get closer to your dreams than someone pushing you towards it. Always look out for trainers.

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