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What Is Technology? Mastering These Technology Skills Will Help You Achieve Your Goals and Live a Meaningful Life

1st March 2021

Technology is an article meant to help you explore what technology (ICT) is, how it works, how to use it, and how important it is for your career development. Indeed, technology, especially Information and Communication Technology, is changing our world for the best. But what is it for you? How does it really work? How can you personally use it? And why is it important to you? With all these questions, let’s see the answers below.

What Is Technology?

Technology in this context is a tool, a multipurpose tool. But we are looking at Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to be specific. This includes computers and their applications, mobile devices, the Internet, websites, blogs, and much more.

If you are a writer, technology will mean something specific to you. It will mean your computer or any other electronic device that you use for typing, editing, designing, and interior formatting. It can mean a website that you use to publish the book for the readers to find it and read it.

Technology can also mean social media sites where you share a link to your book with readers. It can mean the email list (not Gmail), that you use to send out your newsletters. It can mean building your author brand and website for your readers to find you.

But if you are a singer, then technology may mean something else to you. It may mean those devices you use to record and edit your voice/audio files. It may mean the software you use to burn your songs into CDs, flash disks, or DVDs.

For me, technology means a lot. Without it, I can’t create this content. Without it, I can’t reach the world with my message: peace. But because of technology, I can create a website, create an email list, write and publish blog posts each week, hang out with readers and other authors, publish my books worldwide, and do much more.

How Does Technology Work?

As we have seen above, technology as a tool works miracles for us. Even though bad people use it for bad things, good folks use it for good things instead. I understand that some situations force others to do that which they themselves know is evil, but that’s not an excuse for doing something bad or illegal using this great tool: technology.

To answer the question, technology as a modern tool works in many possible ways. It helps me type this very post. It helps me publish it for you and others to find and read. This is how it works for me as a teacher.

Yes, I write in order to teach or share information. I am an artist in the form of playing with words. I am a wordsmith. Other artists such as singers and designers may use technology in many different ways. But this is how technology as a tool works for me.

You can use technology in your area of calling or expertise. For example, you can use it as a financial accountant, as a pastor, or as a farmer. But the tools you may use may differ a lot from the ones we artists use. This means technology works wonders differently depending on the application in use.

How Can You Make Use of Technology?

Now, since we have seen what technology is and how it works wonders in different situations, the question is how can we make use of it? Well, we can make use of it as individuals as well as collectively. But my focus here is you, an individual person. How can you make use of it, personally?

This of course will require your input. Maybe you first need to discover who you are and then discover your career(s) before you use technology. But the point is that you can think of ways to use technology.

These days most people study computers as a whole package. This to me is a waste of time and resources. Why is it so? This is so simply because a computer is a multipurpose device. You have to study the part that goes in line with your career or talent. You can’t do everything you learned about the machine. You have to narrow down your study.

Well, in Africa, people take general education as the only education. But I think special education leads to special knowledge that can work miracles for you. Why don’t you focus on what you are good at? Well, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you have no clue of what you are good at, right now. Then take my free course by filling the form on the homepage here.

I assure you, if you are not sure what to do now, you won’t be sure even after studying computers. Be sure of what you are good at right now. It takes thought and practice, but it is worth it.

I can give you my personal example. I am a coach, a life coach. This is what I am, not what I wish to be. As I wrote this, I had no monetary or any form of success in doing this, but I just knew this is my calling. Regardless of so many people doing the same thing, when I listen to those coaches, I feel like they still miss something, and I can provide that missing element. This is the reason I write and publish content.

What’s The Importance of Technology?

Well, I thought we have seen the importance of technology already. But since you guys are still asking me the same questions again and again, let’s see together the importance of technology as discussed above.

If you take me as an example, then technology is very important for me as a writer. Freelance writers use technology to pitch and work with many clients on sites such as Upwork and others. It also helps me with editing, formatting, designing, and uploading my works to publish them online.

This is one common tool that most people use today. This is one of the main importance of technology. From mobile phones to social media networks, technology has revolutionized our human communication and conversation in a very useful way. Today, you can chat with text, voice, or even video. This is possible only through technology.

Banking is another benefit of technology. Today, we have mobile banking and e-Banking services. With technology, I can get paid by anyone with such a privilege, living anywhere in the world. The world is indeed a global village, all because of technology.

With technology, you are now able to read this text. This is my platform for teaching. You can make use of this information in your life, and this serves as a learning platform for you, the reader. I also use technology to take either free or paid courses online. And because of this pandemic, learning online is no doubt the safest option ever.

Teachers make use of the Internet to teach their favorite courses online. This website is part of the teaching methods and tools I am using. Whether you are reading these blog posts, taking a course, or downloading an e-Book, all are part of teaching for me. This is because when you read, you learn something new and useful for you.

We can go on and on about the importance of technology, but I think these few examples are more than enough. Technology is key to your personal and career development. Use it as much as you can. Don’t just hang out on social media all the time. Do something productive with technology and your life will improve greatly.

My Final Words

I have already jumped into this advice above, but here are my final words of wisdom for you, my dear reader. First, thanks a lot for reading from the beginning to the end. If not, please read the whole post before you continue.

Now, what have you learned in this post about technology? My final advice to you is that learning only completes when acted upon. Indeed, knowledge is only a potential power (Napoleon Hill). It only becomes power when you specialize it and put it to work.

You can read all content about technology, but you can only benefit from that knowledge when you discover your part in it, and then plan to use the knowledge that you have gained in that particular area. For example, do you love writing? If so, you can start taking my free writing courses here.

I hope Technology has been helpful for you personally. If so, please use the WhatsApp button below to connect with me on a one-on-one basis. God bless you!

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