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On Friday, PRSSA members took a road trip to downtown Royal Oak to learn from an insightful team of #PRPros at the public relations firm called Airfoil Group. Well known for their outstandingly successful strategy at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada each year, they offered background on the agency and their role in the consumer tech world.

Members were also introduced some of Airfoil’s talented team members who graciously shared career tips they have found helpful in the past. As a soon-to-be-graduating senior, the bittersweet victory of graduation also comes with the stresses of the working world and a sea of questions that (hopefully) get answered before getting there. If you didn’t get to meet the team on Friday, enjoy these five key takeaways the team had to offer from their own experiences.

1 Stand out

We’ve heard this time and time again but have we ever stopped to think what this actually means? The best advice given came from a recent graduate, Kelsea Fitzpatrick who is an Account Coordinator at Airfoil Group. Before graduating from college, she had to take a hard look at her portfolio and assess if it was memorable. In order to achieve this, she suggests adding color to both your resume and cover letter to add both flare and personality when employers are sifting through possible candidates. The more creative, the better. Kelsea shared she even created a visually appealing graphic displaying the number of press releases she has written to show employers her experiences in a new, and creative way.

2 Understand the company you’re applying for

No one likes when their time is wasted— so don’t waste someone else’s. When applying for jobs, the team stressed not to apply for the sake of applying. Highlight the skills you have to offer for the company and show them why you’re the right fit. Find a job that’s right for you!

3 Find a company culture that fits you

The team talked about finding a company that suits your personality, provides opportunities for work-life balance and shares similar morals as you. This was a personal favorite to discuss because trusting your gut when walking into an interview is important when searching for a job. If the company doesn’t seem to align with your personality, chances are the job won’t be as enjoyable as working for a company that entices you to show up and be the best you can be to produce honest, and quality work.

4 Don’t go to networking events alone— bring a friend!

As a young professional, you are most likely the one who will be asked to attend networking events to get out and meet others in your industry. Airfoil’s advice: bring a friend. This will likely attribute more confidence when walking up to strangers and provide moral support in a room full of people you may not know. It also can be fun!

5 Find your PR Pals and keep them as your personal network

In a deadline-driven industry where time is always your opponent, keeping a personal network of friends or co-workers in the field is a great way to keep sane and also keep in touch. Whether you’re venting about a chaotic workday or nervous about that big client pitch coming up— your network is there for you. As college students, we are constantly meeting new friends in classes who could possibly one day be a co-worker or a valuable connection in the future. Carefully grow your network now and reap the benefits later.

We had a great morning down in Royal Oak and will keep these tips in our toolkit as we advance through school and one day our careers.

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