We’re full into 2021 and the job search landscape is starting to change a bit. Here are some of the trends and changes going on and you will want to take into consideration.

Summary Sunday The Job Search Landscape Right Now

Remote work isn’t going away. Video interviews are sticking around too. But what are some other things you should know about today’s job search landscape?

There’s the vaccine, the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, some small changes in who is unemployed, a growing need/desire by job seekers to find the right cultural match and how to convey what your talents are as a job seeker or potential candidate.

Virtual networking, Zoom, Clubhouse, LinkedIn, livestreaming events…we’ve grown a lot this year. And by using these skills you have proven your adaptability and that you can learn new things.

Using new tools, tools, tips and technology can help you better compete for jobs.


The EEOC Releases Guidelines On Mandatory Vaccinations | Inc.

Will employers be able to require employees to get vaccinated? It’s complicated. But it’s worth understanding.

Well, one of the things that we’re seeing on both sides is flexibility. That is really the key is flexibility on skills. For example, we’ve talked about that there are several industries that aren’t hiring yet. Yet there are a lot of professionals in that space that have a skill set that can match for different roles. And so having companies be really open to hiring based on skill set versus experience, or technology matches based on skill set. 

Irina Novoselsky, CEO at CareerBuilder

Black unemployment rises in February

Irina Novoselsky, CareerBuilder CEO, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss job growth and shifts in the workforce due to the pandemic. MYLES UDLAND: All right, let’s stay on the jobs report and talk a bit about the broader setup for those seeking employment throughout the economy.

Where Are the Jobs? The US Government Has Many Right Now | Resume Place

The Feds are a top employer in the US. They have jobs in all lines of work. Federal jobs are in every state. Plus the US government is growing in 2021 due to the additional mission to support the COVID-19 vaccinations and public health programs in America.

Kathryn Troutman, Resume Place


Navigating Your Career Through the Changing World of Work | Next Avenue

I’ve been amazed by the number of recruiters who tell me that it is the job candidate who draws attention to their age during the interview.

Lindsey Pollack, author of “Recalculating”

Navigating Your Career Through the Changing World of Work

Advice for older job hunters and employees from workplace expert Lindsey Pollak, author of “Recalculating” “Since the beginning of 2020, every single person around the world has experienced a collective, unplanned, unwanted disruption – far worse for some than others – and it has changed every single one of our career trajectories in one way or another.”

10 Absolutely Ingenious Ways to Use LinkedIn Career Explorer | Avid Careerist

What is Career Explorer and how can you use it?

…uncover careers you could transition into and might not have considered by mapping the skills you have to thousands of job titles.

Tomer Cohen,  Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn


Job Hunting? First Impressions Matter | Susana De Sousa

Typically, people start a new job search by dusting off and updating their resume. I’d like to offer a different approach – first, define goals.

Susana De Sousa

Job hunting? First impressions matter.

If you’re looking for a new job, you’ve probably come across posts about “how to write a resume in 5 steps”, “how to stand out in an interview”, or “7 steps to prepare for your job interview”. I did some research on Google and found the top results to be quite generic.


Yes, You Can Still Learn About Company Culture When Interviewing Remotely—Here’s How | The Muse

Especially as companies commit to remote or hybrid work for the future, it’s more important than ever for candidates to know that a company’s values, work style, and goals align with their own.

Hannah Fleishman, Director of Employer Brand and Internal Communications at HubSpot

How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture During a Remote Hiring Process

There are a number of things you consider when evaluating whether or not a job is a good match for you. You need a salary that meets your expectations, responsibilities that get you excited, and a manager you think you’d mesh well with. But there’s another important factor that carries a lot of weight: company culture.


LinkedIn Writing Service: What Is That? | 3 Ears Media

While there are millions of articles about what makes a good LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn profile writing services, there aren’t many written from the perspective of the people who decide at that crucial moment: the recruiter who sends that link to the hiring manager.

Katrina Kibben, 3 Ears Media

LinkedIn Writing Service: What Is That?

Whenever people talk about the job search, I get the distinct impression that no one feels like they are in control. Candidates have no clue what they’re doing. I don’t care what college you went to or how good your career center is.

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