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In the first and second parts of Dr Tom Barber’s interview on Radio WorksWorld, he introduced the first 2 stages of personal development and growth, which was getting in touch with your Potential and planning a desired Outcome.

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Part 3 – Tom continues by discussing how tapping into your inner Wisdom can help you discover the strengths and capabilities to make the changes you want in your life …

“The next part of the program, then, was really for us starting to go inwards and into the person, into their wisdom … and beginning to get connected to that person’s wisdom because, in a way, when you know your potential and you have the outcome, you need to open up to something a little bit deeper than that.

You need to connect to something that’s going to guide you on your way. So, when you connect with this inner wisdom that we all have, in a sense what you’re doing is you’re connecting with your good judgement and knowledge … and there, you can really know how to create the outcomes and use your potential.

See, opening up relates to more than what you’re doing, into what you are, and what you can be. You know, I work in the city here in London. I meet so many people that are working in very high powered jobs. They’re earning astronomical amounts of money. They just feel like they’re lost. The money become irrelevant.

There’s plenty, so does that tell us you’ll get to a certain level of income and really after that, it doesn’t really make a huge difference to your levels of happiness? I think one of the studies I read about this said it’s around about £70,000 or $70,000. After that, really, there’s not a great deal that you’re going to want for. So, for most people after that, money doesn’t make a huge difference.

Now that’s different, I’m sure, for different people and different people have different wants and needs. Some houses and cars are more expensive and bigger than others, but in essence, it doesn’t take a great deal to make most human beings happy.

So, in a way, we start to move the person from often a lifetime of learning and a lifetime of absorbing the messages and the suggestions around them. Here we begin to move from limited to limitless. Most people think in terms of limited and boundaried. In a sense, when you connect with your wisdom, then so much becomes open and so much becomes available.

So, here we begin to connect with some sense of clarity. In that, you’ve found your potential. You’ve got the outcome. When you connect with wisdom, it’s incredible the kind of problem solving strategies that someone can connect with.

The path of happiness and the path of success … whilst I said that it’s not really about the amount money you’ve got, in a sense, life does throw you curveballs, right? You have things happen. It’s part of life. We have to get through, often, a lot of problems and really overcome hurdles to get to where we want to be.

It reminds me – I was watching something this morning and it was talking about this notion of overnight success. The person that was speaking on this clip said, “Yeah, I am an overnight success, but it took me 15 years to become an overnight success.” It’s this whole notion of getting connected to something really that is enabling you to get through the hurdles, to get through the problems, to go around and under and over and through, and just take it on because this is part of the journey

Here you start to gain a real steadiness and a firm grasp with you, and this is how your confidence begins to grow, because it’s about connecting and having a line of connection to your inner truth. Your conscious mind will throw up all sorts of things, but once you’re connected more to your inner truth, life feels more steady.

When you get problems come along and hurdles, you’re able just to take them on as part of the experience, as part of the process, as part of the journey of getting to where you want to be.

So, this area was when we were going through the methods and the techniques with people, especially the groups, it was such a powerful part of the Power on Purpose™ program because when people begin to visibly connect with their sense of inner wisdom and their intuition and the deeper insights that they have, and the questions that they’re asked, the energy, really, that comes out of them, it’s amazing.

It’s infinite, and it’s just a really special experience to be a part of, especially in a group.

You know, we really wanted to get this out to as many people as possible because, you know, we love helping people. We love helping groups. We want to help more.

So, the reason that we’ve been testing this program live in events and one-on-one with clients really was to see, “Okay. How can we put together something that can be turned into a set of methods, a set of techniques that anyone can use to reconnect them with their inner power?

We speak to so many people that are wanting to get success in their business and in their relationships, in their health, with their weight or with their mental health, and they’re shooting around in the dark.

They’re trying different things. The shiny object syndrome. We know, because we’ve done the work … we’ve done the research, and we have the experience with the people – that there is a way that can be structured, and you can go from step to step … and it will make a difference.”


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Ask yourself now … When you hear your innermost yearning, what is it saying to you, do you think? Your inner wisdom is struggling often to communicate with you because so much of the time you can be drowning it out with logic and rational thinking.

What do you really feel compelled to do in life, or to be?

Until next time …


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