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road signs outside of a human resources conference implying the need for career development strategies

Last week, I wrote an article about the career development strategies that organizations need to consider. It’s important for organizations to make investments in an employee’s career and future with the organization. If they don’t, it could result in high turnover.

But that doesn’t mean employees are off the hook. Employees
need to have their own personal career strategies. They need to be able to
articulate to their managers what they want in terms of a career. In addition,
employees should have an honest opinion about the knowledge, skills, and
abilities they need to work on.

If you’re looking for a little creative inspiration when it comes to developing your own career development strategy, here are a few articles that you might find helpful:

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Understanding what companies are looking for can help you
define where you’d like to see your career now and in the future. It can help
you identify the resources you’d like when negotiating with the company. It can
also help with your overall work performance (which often helps with your
paycheck, if you know where I’m going).

Career development strategies benefit both individuals and organizations. The conversations should be happening on a regular basis. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to talk about your future career goals. Be prepared!

Image captured by Sharlyn Lauby at the Qualtrics X4 Summit in Salt Lake City, UT

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