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LIF 113 – The World’s Easiest Personal Development Plan
In Episode 112, we talked about the 1 Percent Advantage strategy. This one strategy can double, triple, or even quadruple your results without adding anything extra to your To-Do List or adding any extra hours to your workweek.
As a follow up to the 1 Percent Advantage strategy, this week I’d like to introduce you to the World’s Easiest Personal Development Plan. Just like last week’s strategy, this plan is based on a simple math equation. Only this time, the math equation doesn’t make sense at first glance: 1-1=3.

Purpose of this Episode
You can create 3 opportunities for self improvement and personal growth every week by using the 1-1=3 Personal Development Plan.
Tips Shared in this Episode
Step 1: Start with the “1 Percent Advantage” strategy

* Set your 1 Percent Goal for the next 12 weeks.
* Give yourself the gift of a 40-hour workweek (i.e. 3:20 x 12 weeks = 40-hour workweek).

Step 2: Add the “Let Go, Grab Hold” strategy

* History of this strategy — bootstrapping Live It Forward.
* “Let go” of a bad or empty habit.
* “Grab hold” of an important goal.
* Immediate benefits of this strategy.

Step 3: 1-1=3 Equation gives 3 opportunities for Personal Development

* First opportunity for self improvement — the 1 Percent Advantage.
* Second opportunity for self improvement — letting go of a bad or empty habit.
* Third opportunity for self improvement — opening up a second 3:20 to give more time to your 1 Percent Advantage goal or to grab hold of another important goal.

Call To Action
Get the World’s Easiest Personal Development Plan working for you today!

* Action 1: Continue with your 1 Percent Advantage Strategy from Episode 112.
* Action 2: Decide what bad or empty habit you want to let go.
* Action 3: Use your second 3:20 to give more time to your 1 Percent Advantage goal or to grab hold of another important goal.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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* The Paid to Speak Conference at the John C. Maxwell Leadership Center (August 23-25, 2018) —
* 9 Ways to Get Paid to Speak Resource (FREE PDF Resource) —

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