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Organizations that are focused on employee engagement and retention need to consider career development as part of their strategy. Employees want to know that they have a future with the company they work for and part of that means knowing that the company is going to help them accomplish their career goals.

But career development is a broad term. It takes more than one program to create valuable and relevant development opportunities. I’m using the word relevant because career development isn’t just for employees. Career development helps organizations with future staffing needs.

Here are some resources and articles that you might find
helpful in putting together your career development strategies.

Trust Is a Process, Not an Activity

Trust is critical for employee engagement and retention. A
culture of reliance helps with recruiting and retention. Our friends at Kronos
Incorporated shows us trust is a process, not just an activity.

Activities that Should Be in Every Career Development Program

Career development could be a
creative way companies fill future staffing needs. Every career development
program should include these 5 activities.

Peer to Peer Learning Should Be Part of Your Training Strategy

Peer to peer learning is effective and affordable training.
Trainer Kathy Shurte shares her expertise on the value of peer to peer learning
in the workplace.

Strategies for High Performance

High performance is a key part of business success. Good
management and leadership is critical. Here are a few tips and resources for
high performance.

Manager’s Guide for Conducting Effective 1:1 Meetings

Effective 1:1 meetings help to grow trust and build high
employee engagement. This is a practical resource to help managers conduct better
1:1 meetings.

Need to Hold Managers Accountable for Developing Talent

Talent development is a foundational element of business
success. Managers should develop their teams and make it part of performance

Business projections tell us that 2020 could be shaping up to be another tough year for recruiting. Employees will have many options. That puts the spotlight on career development. Organizations that invest in their employees will see the return on their investment in better engagement and reduced turnover.

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