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Talent SymposiumAs a talent management professional, you know that directing your own learning and keeping up with industry trends can help you move ahead in your career. Unfortunately, you also know that with all your worries about employee career development for your healthcare organization, sometimes you forget to focus on your own. Here are three reasons to put yourself first and invest in your talent management career. 

1.  Loving Your Current Career Doesn’t Mean Stagnating There

Even if you really like where you are when it comes to your career, there’s always more you can do to push yourself and keep it interesting. Of course, that means you’ll need to invest in the career you want and enjoy. That investment can include going back to school, taking continuing education courses, getting additional certifications, attending conferences, and much more. When you go to conferences, for example, you learn about the latest and most current trends. That helps you find out what you know, and discover what you don’t know, about your career and the path you may be planning to take. It can also show you new ways to tackle challenges that could improve efficiencies and results.

2.  Strategic Thinking Can Be the Key to Career Advancement

You need to think strategically about your own career development, just as you would for an employee. If you check with your organization, you may find that they will help you invest in your career because they want to keep you learning and working for them. They want to see you succeed, because when you succeed, they also benefit. Don’t be afraid to approach your employer about having them pay for professional courses, conferences, or anything else you need for career development. You may be surprised to find that all or part of the cost is covered. If not, at least you’ll know and you can pursue the learning you want on your own.

3.  Your Career Development Makes Your Boss Look Good

While it is important to understand your organization’s stance on employee development, you also need to get your boss’s buy-in. He or she will likely need to approve the specific opportunities as well as any time away from the office. There is so much to be learned, that you (and your employer) don’t want to miss out on the value you can receive. Offer to bring what you learn back to the company by teaching others and implementing new processes.

Talent Symposium Can Boost Your Career Development

You don’t even have to look far to find career development opportunities. Consider Talent Symposium — the Annual HealthcareSource Conference. This conference offers several benefits for healthcare talent management professionals:

It is always a good time to start investing in your own career development. Remember that learning as much as you can helps you and your organization.

Don’t miss all the great professional development and networking opportunities at Talent Symposium. Register today!

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