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What is your personal definition of success?

Have you bought into what everyone else thinks is success?

The meaning of success will be different for every person, including yourself!

Get clear on your own idea of success, and when you do, you may then find many of the following tips, traits and habits very useful…

Read on for 10 things successful people regularly do.

1. Do more than what’s asked

For thousands of years, the concept of “apprenticeship” was the cornerstone of becoming one of the greats. These days we tend to just think about what is and is not in our job description. “These are my duties. I do these things. That’s it.” How people pleased their bosses back then, learned the ropes and got ahead wasn’t by checking boxes. They “cleared the path” for their superiors. They anticipated problems, did stuff they weren’t required to do, and proactively made things easier for those more experienced than them. This doesn’t just “fulfill the dictates of your job description” it builds trust, loyalty and turns a boss into a mentor.

Have you noticed how many people like successful guys out there? It’s because their way of coming into resonance with others, their way of establishing rapport. Highly successful people are empathic and often it happens that despite their solitude, many people like them and feel good around them. That is because of their high level of emotional intelligence, because of their abilities to listen and learn from the world.

They know that they make their own luck. Luck is derived from hard work over time and positioning yourself for success. You won’t randomly get lucky and successful people know that. They will do at least one thing every single day to put themselves in a better position to get lucky and then use that luck to grow.

4. Define their aim, vision and purpose

Successful people constantly seek clarity in their lives. They know what they want and they follow their own dream. Vague desires and beliefs lead to vague outcomes. It is this sense of direction that gives them the staying power to stick to their goals and achieve their dreams.

Successful People article image 25. They use a notebook

Richard Branson has said on more than one occasion that he wouldn’t have been able to build Virgin without a simple notebook, which he takes with him wherever he goes. In one interview, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis said, “Always carry a notebook.

Write everything down… That is a million dollar lesson they don’t teach you in business school!” Ultra-productive people free their minds by writing everything down as the thoughts come to them.

6. They have a focus routine

Steve Jobs once said that the only thing that separates him from other people is the ability to focus. “He would close his door and not let other people in,” says Greene. That was his focus routine. How he was able to shut out the rest of the world. Anyone who wants to accomplish something great, needs to be able to do the same.

For Greene, the author focuses by meditating 30 minutes every morning. He’s been doing it for over four years and says it’s “the greatest thing” he could recommend to anyone. “Basically, it slows everything down. You find that you don’t react to everything that goes on around you,” says Greene.

When successful people set a goal, nothing stops them from reaching it. They throw 100% of their efforts into the mission and don’t stop until they’ve achieved it. Sometimes this requires bringing in coaches, mentors and others who will hold them accountable to doing what they committed to, in order to achieve what they want. Olympic and pro-athletes are great examples of this, and so are many CEO’s of the fortune 500.

It is the exception to be able to achieve great success in the midst of chaos. We are created with an appreciation for order and organization… how our body functions is the best physical example of the importance of the two. To achieve goals, successful people put their thoughts, actions, homes and businesses in order. We need to find what we need when we need it. We need to chronicle our findings on any given topic if we hope to master that area of expertise. We need to create order and space in our environment so creativity and productivity can flow easily. We need to clear away what is old and no longer needed to make space for the new and essential.

Organization is beautiful, it makes it possible to see and experience the beauty of our lives. Successful people are highly organized, or get others to help organize them.

Successful People article image 39. Plan their day a night before

You cannot achieve your goals if you don’t have a plan for the next day. So it’s always good to plan your day a night before. This is a common habit found in the successful people, they have a plan for everything not just an upcoming day, but for upcoming weeks, months and even years. Successful people spare a time to plan their next day, so they have a clear work checklist once they wake up. Although it’s true life that doesn’t work out as planned. But if you plan your tasks for the next day, there are chances that you can customize your plan without losing momentum.

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning,” author Mark Twain is quoted as saying. “And nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Now, before you start hunting for Kermit, please note that Twain’s quote should not be taken literally. Instead, Twain is advocating tackling the hardest or most unnerving task on your to-do list, first. Not only will it create a sense of achievement that you can carry with you throughout the day, but also: it will be done. Such are the things successful people do every day.

11. (Bonus) Find a way to laugh

Experts say that humor provides a powerful buffer against stress and fear. You’ve got to have fun and be able to laugh; laugh at yourself and laugh at what you’re doing. Rangers, SEALs, and scientists agree: a chuckle can help you cope with stress and keep you going. “Humor is about playing with ideas and concepts,” said Martin, who teaches at the University of Western Ontario. “So whenever we see something as funny; we’re looking at it from a different perspective. When people are trapped in a stressful situation and feeling overwhelmed, they’re stuck in one way of thinking: This is terrible. I’ve got to get out of here. But if you can take a humorous perspective, then by definition you’re looking at it differently — you’re breaking out of that rigid mind-set”.

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