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By Rachel Smith.

Success! That is the outcome students are striving for as they prepare to achieve college and career goals. Academic success can be achieved through a strong work ethic, discipline and good time management skills. Career goals can be realized through relationship building and planning for life after college. There is no better way to start on these goals than by making an appointment with the Office of Career Development.

Students who want to achieve success in the job market after graduation need to start planning in their early years of college to gain experience and develop skills. According to Eureka College Director of Career Development Kelly Bay, this process starts during freshman year and continues throughout senior year.

“My door is always open and I can give assistance from deciding on a major to applying for your first job and beyond,” Bay said. “Even alumni are welcomed to come back.”

Bay has developed a four-year plan to accomplish career readiness during students’ time at Eureka College. Freshman start with studying hard to build GPA, developing an academic plan and exploring career options by investigating fields of interest. During their sophomore and junior years, students select a major, establish careers and graduate school goals and build a network. Senior year students should be implementing their goals by building a flawless resume with experience, leadership and internships.  

Career Development helps students who are unsure of their future plans by defining their interests. Students must declare a major by their sophomore year and Career Development has tools to inventory their interests to discover which career fields match their values, interests and personalities. After determining their career interests, Bay encourages students to schedule job shadowing and informational interviews. Students have the advantage to speak with employers to understand what the daily duties of a particular career entails.             

Bay encourages students to secure internships and build experiences sooner rather than later. She recommends students secure three internships between their sophomore and senior years. According to Bay, 60 percent of employers require one internship and 40 percent of employers require relevant experience when applying for a job. Students must gain experience early to make themselves marketable to ease the process of securing future employment. Students can secure internships or creatively shape a summer job to build relevant experience.

The Office of Career Development and Director Kelly Bay have the tools to help every Eureka College student maximize on their full potential to grow, learn, and lead.

The Office of Career Development is located in the Cerf Center next to the Reagan Museum and open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Bay can be reached at 309-467-6431 or [email protected]  Bay has been working with students at Eureka College since December 2017.

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