New How To Guide to Gainful Employment

The journey to a successful job search begins with confidence. Simply stated: a certain frame of mind or mindset.

Today, American Job Centers aim to offer veterans a sense of empowerment while identifying meaningful job and career opportunities. Especially so for those veterans with specific barriers to employment. It’s a place where a vast array of viable options and qualified staff are made available to all those who have served our country honorably — turning military and life experiences into promising futures.

P.D. Pritchard, DVOP, GCDF, MS, or what is commonly known as a Disabled Veterans Outreach Specialist, works exclusively with veterans who have significant barriers. It is his job to prepare, motivate and show them how to conduct a contemporary job search in order to secure meaningful employment. It begins with the simple basics: cover letter, resume, how to market and promote yourself to prospective employers, how to properly fill out a job application, preparing for the interview and the importance of follow-up.

For years, Pritchard has recognized the need for a guide or “Cliff Notes” with which veterans can reference to learn more. What he calls the “Veteran Basics” designed to teach, inspire, and instill confidence in veterans as they embark on their job search journey.

VOYAGER/VETERAN: The Journey to a Successful Job Search Mindset (Clovercroft Publishing, $14.99), is based on and draws from real-life stories of veterans facing personal barriers. It is Pritchard’s hope that the ‘Veteran Basics’ series will help to instill self-value, self-esteem and self-confidence in veterans to activate the creative genius within. The Veteran Basics are designed to help establish and maintain a productive job search mindset, inclusive of the following authentic situations:

The 9 Key Areas Veterans Should Master to Find Gainful Employment––

In summary, consider the ‘Veteran Basics’ series as a valuable “How-To” guide to a successful and contemporary job search for today’s veteran. Now, let your job search journey begin.

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— Pete (P.D.) Pritchard is a Certified GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator), a graduate of the Lila Atchison School of Community Service and Public Affairs at the University of Oregon in Eugene, where he received master’s and bachelor’s degrees. He has an associate degree in Criminal Justice Disciplines from Shasta Junior College in Redding, California. Pritchard helps veterans develop and marshal the self-motivational skills needed to move forward with their lives after serving their country.

His book, “Voyager/Veteran: The Journey to a Successful Job Search Mindset” is available through and bookstores.

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