Job seekers have a lot of questions. So this week’s summary dishes out job search answers!

summary sunday job search answers

When you embark on a job search, there’s a huge learning curve. There’s so much you don’t know (and even more that you don’t know you don’t know!)

When I started writing about job search, that was my sole purpose – to fill the gaps in knowledge and answer job seeker questions.

This “lack of knowledge” about job search is still a problem today. There are thousands, if not millions, of resume writers, recruiters and job search coaches sharing their tips and services. All that info can be overwhelming.

That’s why I started Summary Sunday and this is issue #427.

Every week, almost without exception, I round up timely and popular job search topics. 427 summaries have been published since I started.

This week’s summary includes answers to your questions about:

  • Salary information in posts
  • The good and bad about LinkedIn’s new Cover Story
  • Launching an undercover job search on LinkedIn
  • Negotiating a lowball job offer
  • Questions to ask to learn about company culture
  • A new career option – Chief of Remote
  • Post-Pandemic Career Opportunities
  • Side Hustles for Retirees

I hope this week’s summary delivers job search answers to those questions you had and even questions you didn’t know you had.


Why Employers Don’t Include Salary in Job Posts (and What To Do About It) | Mac’s List

Why Employers Don’t Include Salary in their Job Posts (and What You Can Do About It)

We’ve all had this experience: you find a great job opportunity online-one that perfectly aligns with your passion, skills, and expertise. You read through the job description with growing excitement, until you get to the bottom and see this: Salary: Depends on Experience You: “#%&!”


Career Experts Offer The Pros And Cons Of LinkedIn’s New ‘Cover Story’ Video Feature | Forbes

Career Experts Offer The Pros And Cons Of LinkedIn’s New ‘Cover Story’ Video Feature

LinkedIn is the go-to social media site for career-oriented professionals. The company announced in a corporate blog post that it has “re-imagined how you can bring your professional story to life on LinkedIn.” The job search site is introducing new “tools to help you create a more expressive and inclusive profile,” including offering a video cover story.

How To Actually Job Search on LinkedIn in Secret | JobMob

How To Actually Job Search on LinkedIn in Secret

It would suck to lose your current job before finding a new job. This is a guest post by Chris Perry. There is a lot of great advice out there for job seekers on how to use LinkedIn to build their personal brands and find new career opportunities.


How to Increase a Lowball Job Offer | Avid Careerist

How to Increase a Lowball Job Offer

Internal Equity First, think like an employer. When companies want to control base salaries, they use the “internal equity” story. It goes like this, “We know you might be able to command a higher starting salary in the market. And we would like to pay you more, but that would upset our internal equity.

10 Questions To Ask In a Job Interview That Will Really Expose a Company’s Culture | Fast Company

10 questions to ask in a job interview that will really expose a company’s culture

You are in the last five minutes of the job interview, and the interviewer asks: What questions do you have?” Time is limited, so you ask the question you think will be most helpful: “What is the culture like here?” Don’t do this. There are better questions to understand the culture.


The Dawn of the Age of Chief Remote Work Officers | Ladders

The dawn of the age of Chief Remote Work Officers

The pandemic may have accelerated a shift to remote work models, but progressive organizations have been embracing the benefits of working remotely before COVID-19. And a new pivotal role is emerging as a result: the Chief Remote Work Officer.

Where to Refocus Your Career for the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery | Career Pivot

Where to Refocus Your Career for the Post COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery – Career Pivot

Have you thought about where to refocus your career for the post-COVID-19 pandemic recovery? As the vaccine rollout takes hold throughout the world there will be an economic recovery. The vaccine rollout will be very uneven around the world and the United States. Therefore, there will be winners and losers exposed in the economic recovery.

Consider Having a Side Hustle In Your Unretirement | Unretirement Project

Consider Having a Side Hustle in Unretirement – #Unretirement Project

A key aspect to unretirement is work. When we think of being retired, we think of “not working”. Many individuals are finding that they like work. They like the challenge of work. They like the camaraderie of work. And they even like the financial rewards of work.

Older Worker

There are advantages to hiring older workers. Be sure you have highlighted how you add value by highlighting examples of success with some of these.

advantage of older workers

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