Today’s post will give you a behind-the-scenes look into our paid Job Search package and how our unique system can put you in touch with top work-from-home opportunities.

Back when we were conceptualizing Desk To Remote, one of the first things we discussed was the demand for legitimate work from home opportunities versus how difficult it was to access them.

When looking for remote job listings, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are dozens of different remote work websites out there today, but they’re often filled with a lot of noise – MLM schemes, barely livable wage offers, and unreputable companies that have no promise of longevity.

For someone new to the industry and perhaps desperate to get hired online, these are seemingly unavoidable pitfalls that lead to complete job hunt burnout.

This is why we created our Job Search package. We wanted to take the stress and worry out of looking for remote job listings – find out how we do it below:

A Look Inside Our Job Search

In order to explain our process better, we need to first show you an example taken from one of our real Job Search rounds. Take a closer look:

This is a snapshot of what a job search would look like for someone looking for a mid-level operations role. The details included in the data are things like:

-The advertised job title

-The company name and website link

-More information about the company’s industry

-The salary range if available

-Notes and tips

We know what you’re thinking, it’s a lot of data but what makes this so different from doing your own job search or signing up for email alerts?

The D2R Difference

What makes different from DIY-ing it or going through a generalized scraper service are a few things.

First, there is the personal touch. All the listings that we add to your Job Search are personalized to your industry, salary requirements, and other needs. This isn’t done by some program or script, and instead, every listing is manually reviewed for suitability by one of our remote experts. This means the listings you receive are most relevant to you.

Next, there is the pre-vetting process. We know the frustration of reading through endless listings that offer nothing but scam-like promises or low pay. With our Job Search package, we filter these kinds of listings out, ensuring that you only receive highly legitimate listings that fall in your requirements. Our listing selection process sees us review over 70 different remote work sources to find your perfect fit.

This goes even further with our previous employee review section. We not only protect you from applying to illegitimate companies, but also from companies that have poor practices and employee treatment. If we find a listing that is linked to a company with a questionable track record, we don’t include it in your datasheet.

Lastly, we go the extra mile – further than your average job scraping email. Only want to work ? We’ve got you. Looking for a specific benefit, or want to get started as a freelance contractor? We cover it. We’re also happy to have a one-on-one to talk about your career in more detail as part of your package.

To us, your job search is something personal to you, and so we want you to be a part of it. We use Google Sheets because the process is highly collaborative. It allows us to make updates and you to keep track of your applications and the results.

Job Search Package FAQ

Still have questions about our Job Search package? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below:

How many rounds of job search do I receive from one package?

A single job search package comes with two rounds of job search which you can redeem in a row or with a pause in between. Bear in mind that a single round will consist of up to 30 listings depending on the industry required and the level of experience you have.

So altogether that’s close to 60 hand-picked listings for one package!

Will anyone else have access to the same listings I receive?

Nope! We look for work-from-home opportunities that are specifically for you. Even if there is someone else in our client base that is looking for work in the same field, the chances that they would have the exact same requirements are near zero – so the answer is no, we do not allow your listings to overlap with anyone else’s.

What if I don’t find a job after applying for these listings?

We’re not directly affiliated with any remote employer and we don’t take commissions which means we cannot guarantee any outcomes of this process. However, if we are unable to help you land a remote job, you will be eligible to receive a free shortlist of courses personalized to your industry that will increase your value as a remote worker.

We’ll also offer you a loyalty discount if you finish a course and make use of our services again.

Getting Started

Interested in giving our Job Search package a go? It’s as easy as visiting our , or you can send us an email at and our team will reach out to you.

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