Want to know how to create lasting happiness?

Happiness has become elusive for various reasons.

Today we’re going to cover 2 principles.

WHAT You Require to Be Happy

Let’s go over 2 fundamental models for basic human needs.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow defined the first 4 levels from the bottom up as deficiency needs, and the top-level, self-actualization, as a growth need.

For deficiency needs, motivation increases as needs are not met. For example, you get thirstier if you don’t drink water and hungrier if you don’t eat.

For growth needs, motivation increases as needs are met. The more you see results, the more you want to continue the behavior.

For the purpose of finding lasting happiness, let’s assume your basic human needs, food, shelter, water, safety are met – and maybe most of your psychological needs as well.

Tony Robbin’s 6 Core Human Needs

In this model, Tony defines these 6 needs into personality needs and spirit needs. As you can see in the image above.

How many of these are being met for you?

Keep these basics in mind as we proceed to HOW to find lasting happiness.

If you have a pretty awesome life and most of your needs are met, but still cannot create lasting happiness – this next part is especially for you!

In the interest of your time, I’m going to give you the secret sauce to happiness.

HOW to be Happy

I warn you now.

Applying it will.

Focus on the Good

Thanks to our RAC (reticular activating system), we get what we focus on. So focusing on fixing things leads to finding more things that are opportunities for fixing. Focusing on “the good” brings you more things that are good. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be opportunities to resolve whatever you want to resolve. It means you are now aware of the choice that you can fix things or that you can enjoy things.

Be Grateful

The vibration of gratitude does wonders for making our brain feel happy. Create a daily gratitude practice where you feel and experience this emotion. Learn to identify the feeling of gratitude and practice it as much as possible. At least daily.

Choose to Be Happy

Such a powerful one. If not the most powerful one.

Happiness is not something we chase.
Happiness is not something we attain.

Happiness is something we choose.
Happiness is something we create.
Happiness is something we are.


Stand in integrity. Helps you not feel shitty. You have an inner compass. Use it.

Be Healthy

Exercise, eat well, breathe deep, sleep and get some decent rest. Get some nature time in. The basics – which are also the foundation.

One of the major reasons why you’re alive AND a fundamental Universal Law, is growth. Specifically called,

XI. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy under the Principle of Vibration

As humans, we have desire ingrained in us to evolve.

In physics and universal law, Nothing stands still, everything moves and vibrates.

Realize that there is a natural cycle of creation>maintenance> destruction.

This is known as The Trimurti in Hindu spiritual philosophy.

“Sanskrit: त्रिमूर्ति trimūrti, “three forms”) is the Triple deity of supreme divinity in Hinduism in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified as a triad of deities, typically Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer, though individual denominations may vary from that particular line-up. When all three deities of the Trimurti incarnate into a single avatar, the avatar is known as Dattatreya.”

As soon as something stops growing, it starts destroying. It’s natural. Keep growing and let what no longer serves you fade away and be destroyed.

There comes a time in our personal evolution, that we grow to expand beyond ourselves. This is where the next phase in our evolution happens –contribution.

This is where you see people contributing their time, creating businesses, volunteering and mentoring others.

“Contribution is next level growth.”

– Consciousness Liberty

And man, does it bring happiness.

Get Out of Your Head

Be in the moment. Focus on others. Be of service to them. Focus on others.

Be Unhappy

Yes, being unhappy is the compass to finding out what makes us happy. As defined in Universal Law, it is the “contrast”. Embrace it as a momentary teacher to point you back in the direction of your happiness.

It helps to bring you gratitude for the moments of happiness. To strengthen and refine your character and your ability to grow and learn, and finally, your ability to transmute back into happiness.

That’s pretty much it.

There are SO many more things you can do to be happy. Most of these don’t require much more time. They require focused, aware, conscious effort that will become second nature.


This is a whole different ballgame (approach) to happiness. This is described as attaining enlightenment and “lifting the veil”. You experience happiness – better described as bliss or ecstasy – when you transcend the illusion of the physical human experience and unite with God/ Universe Consciousness.

In this consciousness, your needs and desires fade away as you realize the perfection of everything that is. Otherwise known as blowing all the models of needs out of the water. Usually attained by realized beings such as Buddha, and known to survive, and be in bliss, without even basic human needs.

How do you find this? Silence your mind. Usually attained through meditation practice.

Remember: Practice these habits even if you don’t see immediate results. You will most likely experience immediate results from improving your health, especially with exercise. The rest take some mental conditioning.

Altering the neurology and biochemical processes related to your psychological “happiness habits” may take time, but eventually, you’ll be able to program yourself into feeling sustainable happiness.

What are your experiences with these techniques and with happiness? What challenges are you facing?

Much love to you and cheers to your happiness!

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