Easier said than done, no question about that. But it is sure worth trying. You will be much better able to plan your next steps when your mind is calm(er).

Close your eyes, take the rejections, disappointment and other feelings you may have. In your mind, place them on some leaves on a river or clouds in the sky, and watch them float away.

This is not for you? That’s fine, just take a few deep breaths and try to relax. Talk with family and friends, just don’t vent for days. Try to keep your conversations constructive and look ahead.

Remember: you only need that one “yes” from the one perfect place for you. Rejections do not have to be a reflection of you as a person. A job search is like startups – plenty of failed tries, but you usually only get to see the big success stories (looking at you, LinkedIn).

Rejections are often times the result of a mismatch between what is perceived of you, based on what is visible from your CV and application letter, and what is required for the role you applied for. The same goes for job interviews. Your skills need to be a match for the job, of course. But the good news is, improving your CV, application letter or interview skills will by far not take as long as, say, learning a new programming language.

And we are of course here to support you. As part of our Talent Community, you will be the first one to learn about new events and workshops that can help you with your job search. We will also reach out to you as soon as we have new positions at startups that match your profile and aspirations. Once you have spoken with our talent specialist and been accepted to our Talent Community, you will get access to our supportive community on Slack and we will be able to introduce you directly to startups that have suitable jobs for you. No more writing cover letter after cover letter when you apply through Startuplifers. Apply for our Talent Community .

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