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An Inside Look at an Event That’s Changed Tens of Thousands of Lives, Including the Staff

As DreamBuilder LIVE Dallas quickly approaches, I find myself thinking about how each of these incredible events offers new and different experiences – for both me AND my staff.

From the amazing participants, to the kindness of the hotel staff, lessons, breakthroughs and even the mistakes, this event always surprises me – for the better.

If you’ve never attended DreamBuilder LIVE, then you’re in for a treat today!

We’ve asked our team members some questions to find out what their experiences have been like, so YOU can get an inside look.

But first, let me explain what DreamBuilder LIVE is.

DreamBuilder LIVE is an immersive, three-day event that’s held about three times per year, in different locations across the country. Together with my team, I guide participants through the three stages of dream-building – Blueprinting, Bridging and Building.

These three stages make up the proven, reliable and repeatable formula to creating a life you love living, faster and more easily than most people have ever imagined possible.

In the past 10 years, DreamBuilder LIVE has grown tremendously in size. What started out as a handful of people turned into something bigger than I ever imagined.

Now at every event, hundreds of dream-builders from all walks of life and from around the world come together to create vision-driven lives… and all in a safe, supportive environment designed to support them and their dreams – and free from the distractions of day-to-day life!

If you dream of increased health and vitality, closer and more loving relationships, a more fulfilling vocation, the ability to give back to causes that you feel passionate about, and greater time and money freedom…

Then these are the people you definitely want to hear from!

Kerry Walters
Director of Programs
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 13

As the Director of Programs I attend all events to both support Mary Morrissey and ensure the quality and the integrity of the content we deliver to our clients is world-class. When I attended my first DreamBuilder LIVE in 2015 I wrote out my full vision which included wanting to get married and have a family. Once I had committed this thought to paper I had the courage to share my goal with other people. It also motivated me to get out and start dating. In August 2019 I married the love of my life and share a beautiful home with my husband and his (now our) 6 year old daughter.

DreamBuilder LIVE is a rare weekend when you get to focus completely on yourself and your vision for a full and happy life. Joy and laughter is encouraged, and you are surrounded by heart-centered people who only want to see you thrive. It is truly a remarkable experience that allows you to live into the possibility of living your best life. You should attend. We would love to have you there.

Colleen Schuerlein
Ministries Program Director
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 25

In this busy and fast paced life, DreamBuilder LIVE offers each person the opportunity to pause and focus on what they would love! By having a “tech free” zone in the room, emails, Zoom calls, phone calls, and all other normal daily experiences are suspended, allowing each person to be fully present to the DreamBuilder LIVE experience. DreamBuilder LIVE is a personal tuneup! So many times people have shared with me that they have been looking for people they could dream with…a “partner in believing.” At DreamBuilder LIVE, people are encouraged to connect and upon doing so, meet amazing people.

Enthusiasm is the energy that ignites participation…and the team that puts on the event plays full out. The brilliant use of the different teaching modalities offers masterful teaching, dancing, singing, group connections and sooo much more. I share with people….please come to this event…It will change your life!

Amy Lasso
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 1

From a career standpoint, the lessons I learned at DreamBuilder LIVE have helped me to become immersed in the work I do daily, feel closer to our clients and dive deeper into the trainings and language Mary uses, making it very helpful to write about her work. I’ve always been attracted to the power of words, but have found myself being even more intentional with word choice, knowing the impact that language has on a person’s conscious and subconscious mind. For somebody on the fence about going, for the price of attending such a premier personal development conference, I think it’s beyond worth it!

Carmella Wilson
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 1

Participating full out in the time machine exercise, then and now, helps me focus on my goals. It’s a practice, and I’m always glad to have taken the time to do it. For the person out there questioning whether to attend or not: Do it! You’ll never be the same.

Jennifer Jimenez
Chief Innovation Officer, Life Mastery Institute
DreamBuilder LIVE’s Attended: 23-ish…Every single one for the last 9 years!

I commit to investing in myself and my personal growth through proactive immersion personal development trainings every year, and there’s no better place to do that than DreamBuilder LIVE. One result that has stuck with me has been being able to quickly identify when I’ve slipped into Common Hour thinking, replace that with Brave Thinking and actually the use tools taught to create results I love: a 10x increase in income, enjoying a healthy marriage of 24 years, great parenting tools, and vibrant health in my 40’s.

A year from now, aside from attending a family member’s wedding, you most likely won’t remember what you did this weekend if you stay home. HOWEVER, if you attend DreamBuilder LIVE, you WILL remember this weekend as a major turning point where you let old beliefs go and installed a new belief system that has led to creating the most amazing results you could dream of in your life! You will be SO GLAD YOU CAME!

Christy Stansell
Programs, Content Developer
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: I’ve lost count!

I have lost count of how many DreamBuilder LIVE events I have attended! I do know I have attended as a coach, as a client, and also as a member of the event team. And what I definitely know for sure is that I have loved every one of them.

First of all, DreamBuilder LIVE is just F.U.N. — getting to make new friends, see old friends, and DANCE with them all at the same time. As a coach and client, it’s a chance to get away from everyday responsibilities and spend some quality time devoted to me. Like Mary says, most of us spend more time planning a vacation than we do planning our lives. So, DreamBuilder LIVE gives me the chance to really get in touch with myself and pay attention to what I would love for my life, now and in the future. Every time I’ve come back toDreamBuilder LIVE, I’ve been in a different place in my life and learned something different, that even though I’d maybe I heard before, I didn’t quite “get it” the first time. As a member of the staff, it’s an honor to support other people in dreaming up their lives. They probably don’t get to devote that kind of time to dreaming at home, either, so I love to help the event team and faculty create a fun, positive, healthy, safe environment in which they feel comfortable creating a vision for their life.

You deserve this time for YOU! Leave “the stuff” going on in your life at home, pack your bags, and get ready to have fun, meet some great people, and let yourself discover a life you would LOVE! It will be the best three-day weekend you could ever have. You spend so much of your time doing things for others – your family, your boss, your community – do this for YOU! It’s worth it – and YOU are worth it!

Jason Thomas
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 2

I’m down 15 pounds and happier than ever thanks to the lessons I picked up at DreamBuilder LIVE, especially asking the simple, but life-changing question, “What I would love?”

Jessica Carlson
Executive Assistant to Mary Morrissey
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 19

I learn something new EVERY time and I hear things differently as I attend this event throughout different “phases” of my life. Of all the lasting changes I’ve seen after attending, the one I’m most grateful for is my relationship with my significant other. This is a HUGE one! I have learned to listen to myself, learned what I really want, and have learned to communicate my feelings in a way that allows for us to communicate with each other in order to grow and create together. You have NOTHING to lose by going. You may not think or feel it throughout the weekend, but it will be life changing for YOU!

John Boggs
CEO, Life Mastery Institute
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 24…I think 😉

Every time I come back to DreamBuilder LIVE, the teaching and content gets better and better, and I grow and understand the teaching at a deeper level. The single biggest change I’ve seen as a result of this event is that I used to live stressed out all the time. I now have the ability to truly relax and enjoy my life, right where I am, and in a wonderfully authentic way. DreamBuilder LIVE will change your life in a profound way. Very few things you can do actually have the ability to create this kind of positive shift over a weekend. I actually know of NO OTHER EVENT that can create this much positive change, for this price, in this short of time.

Katie Augustine
Senior Coach
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: All but 2 since June 2011!

I love the energy of the weekend, the community, and the deepening of my own understandings. As a coach, I felt it was super important for me to not only be “in the study” personally, to be around Mary as much as possible, but then as a learning tool towards being a great coach myself, by watching Mary model, in essence, a 3-day vision workshop.

At the very first DreamBuilder LIVE I attended (and it deepened each time), I realized that I didn’t just want to study and talk about the type of laws and principles that Mary was teaching about, but that I wanted to live from and also teach them. I signed up to be a DreamBuilder Coach within 8 months of being there, and since then have been supporting others in their own understanding of the principles as a coach, not to mention continuing to live and make welcome the next level of my dreams.

Since attending my first DreamBuilder LIVE, my life has changed for the better in 100’s if not 1,000’s of ways! I am so so grateful to the woman who said “yes” to herself and went to the event back in 2011. I live at a whole new level of freedom and happiness, not to mention I now have a fulfilling career, even stronger relationships, live in my dream home, and have traveled to places I would have probably never gotten to, had it not been for that first DreamBuilder LIVE experience. I had studied personal development and spirituality for many years already, and Mary provided me with the structures of support to put that energy in motion and make welcome the many changes that I described above.

Maricela Murguia
Marketing Coordinator
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 1

For me personally, the greatest area of my life that’s been impacted has been in my health and well-being. Mary taught me the difference between a goal and a dream. I didn’t have a dream at the time, even though I did have a goal I’d repeatedly failed to achieve in the past. After DreamBuilder LIVE, I applied everything I learned to start living a healthier life. And no, she did not create a diet plan for me 😉

What I love about DreamBuilder LIVE is that it feels like a safe space. You are not the only one that is there for a change in their lives. When you speak about your challenges to other people there, you feel like you are being listened to with care and affection, which you sometimes don’t get at home.

Omama Altaleb
Social Media Specialist
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 1

The positive energy in the room is palpable. Reflecting back, I feel like there have been many personal changes since attending DreamBuilder LIVE almost a year ago. I have strengthened my relationships with family and friends, and learned to let go of friendships that were no longer serving me. I’ve seen positive results in my health & well-being. I have taken steps to eat more vegetables and fruits. I became the fit person I said I was going to be. I have lost 10 pounds and I am almost at my goal weight. I am stronger, healthier and happier. I made more time for the things that truly matter to me and I’m no longer hiding behind excuses. DreamBuilder LIVE is what kicked this off and I am so grateful I got to attend and reap the life-long benefits.

For someone thinking about going, I’d say go for it! You are investing in your own life and happiness, and that’s priceless. When you attend, you will wonder why you haven’t attended sooner.

Shawn Garrett
Data & Analytics
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 1

The biggest change in my life after DreamBuilder LIVE was quitting chewing tobacco once and for all. It was one of those things where I knew it wasn’t good for me, but I kept making excuses for myself. After the weekend at DreamBuilder LIVE, I knew that continuing tobacco was not a part of the vision I had for the rest of my life, and I’m proud to say I’ve been tobacco free for two years now. If you’re like me, a little skeptical about things, a little stubborn, but know deep down what the right thing to do is, I’d ask you, what do you have to lose by coming? A weekend is a small investment for a potentially huge and beneficial, life-altering experience.

Nadia Ibrahim
Affiliate & Joint Venture Manager
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 1

After attending, I have really made a conscious effort to stay consistent with my health and well-being dream by practicing more self-love and taking time for myself. DreamBuilder LIVE is a time to devote to yourself without any distractions, and to be around others that are there for the same reason. Everyone should spend some time really evaluating their life while they can, and the event is tons of fun!

Zoe Platek
Email Marketing Specialist
DreamBuilder LIVE’s Attended: 1

I think the biggest change in my life has been learning to completely mute the internal thinking I have about what I deserve, and don’t deserve in this life. I became much more conscious of the ways I block abundance in all four of the quadrants of my life through language around privilege and luck. I would find myself thinking, “I’m so lucky, my life is so awesome, it can’t get any better,” or “There are people starving in North Korea. Am I really am going to spend money on my own recreation? Aren’t there better things I could do with that money?” or “Only a small percentage of people ever become billionaires, the chances of it happening for me are so slim,” or “I already have four Persian lovers, isn’t that enough?” I realized at DreamBuilder LIVE that these thoughts are signs of me not deepening into self-love, and that only when that love vibration is pure can I give back to the world at my full capacity.

The actual content at the event is pure gold. I’d also say that Mary is a scholar more than anything else. She’s studied transformation deeply and from all angles, and that being in the presence of that kind of wisdom is an opportunity that is worth more than it costs. Just by being there, at least some of the lessons will get through.

Sarah Blaine Dickey
Programs, Project Lead
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 20+

My dream continues to evolve as I grow, and the clarity I gain from being in a container like DreamBuilder LIVE isn’t something I can achieve at home or anywhere else. The energy of belief from all the participants and staff is palpable and infectious. DreamBuilder LIVE, and all of Mary’s other teachings, have given me the freedom to ask myself what I would truly love, and move from an “either/or” mindset to a “yes/and” mindset. Because of that shift, I’m now able to do work I love with this company, as well as personally pursuing creative endeavors through music and art. Conventional thinking would ask me to choose, Brave Thinking says,”Do what you love.” Lean in. You get to go deep in a fun, energetic way. There’s no other event like it.

Tami Jewell
Program Manager
DreamBuilder LIVE’s Attended: Lost track at 25 😊

Part of the roll I play as Program Manager is to be the Volunteer Coordinator at the event. I am there to help bring direction and instruction to our wonderful volunteers. Each DreamBuilder LIVE takes no less than 40 or more volunteers to help bring it to life. They do everything from helping with registration to greeting participants, supporting the Wisdom Lunches to bringing up the dance vibe in the ballroom. I am also there to help answer questions for members already in our programs as well as questions for those that are considering making Brave Thinking a part of their daily life.

Over the years, time and money freedom is the area of my life that has gained the most positive value from my experiences at DreamBuilder LIVE. I have given to the Unstoppable Foundation and have been influenced by the live testimonials that take place on stage. It is very uplifting to witness how Dream Building principles have brought others’ lives to LIFE! Through the teaching at the events, I have been able to bring forth some of my greatest fun and travel adventures. Some of those are trips with family to St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands with my husband, China with my Dad, and Florida with our girls.

The principles are real and the spiritual laws work. Apply them and see the changes that come to life. We guarantee it will be an amazing weekend. 

Danielle Ilan-Weber
Vice President, Marketing
DreamBuilder LIVE’s Attended: 4

As part of my role as the Vice President of Marketing, our team is responsible for helping fill the seats at DreamBuilder LIVE with the people who really want to focus on themselves and change. We affect a lot of lives and this event allows that transformation to exist in a safe, welcoming environment. It’s truly a life-changing event that makes you stop, focus, and allow yourself to think all the things you don’t let yourself do in the normal daily life and see what’s really possible.

One major change I’ve made as a result of attending is that, while my husband and I liked our house, it was on a street corner that wasn’t busy when we first bought it. That corner was only getting busier, which became a problem as our child is getting older and we want her to be able to play safely in our front yard. I was able to vision out my new house and everything I would love including a pool, eating area, and grass area for our dog. We found that dream house less than a mile away from our old house. It wasn’t even something I thought was possible until I met Mary.

If someone was on the fence about attending DreamBuilder LIVE, I’d tell them, in the words of Calico Jack: “Do it. Do it now. Do it afraid.”

Mary Wynn
DreamBuilder LIVE’s Attended: 1

I’ve only been once and can’t wait to go back because it was such an uplifting experience. I get to go because I work for the company, but I WANT to go because of how it makes me feel… like I have a purpose, that I’m supported, that the world is full of so many opportunities and that I’m worth more than I think. DreamBuilder LIVE is in a class by itself. Whatever you might imagine it to be, it’s 100 times greater than that. I was blown away by this event – the love, energy, and wisdom – and I know you will be too.

Destany Santos
Affiliate & Joint Venture Coordinator
DreamBuilder LIVE’s attended: 4

I come back to DreamBuilder LIVE to support our company, support our clients and work toward it being an unforgettable, life-changing experience for everyone. When I attended my first DreamBuilder LIVE, while listening to Mary’s teachings and participating in the time machine exercise, I spoke about what I would love to have in my life 3 years down the line. Part of that vision was being married and having my dad walk me down the aisle. I’m so happy and grateful to share that today, I am now married and my dad was able to walk me down the aisle 🤗

If you have any dreams or have any interest in improving your life in a meaningful way, DreamBuilder LIVE is the place to do it. In attending, only good can come about, so why not allow yourself to indulge in abundance?

Debbie Ward
Conversion Optimization Specialist
DreamBuilder LIVE’s Attended: 1

For me, the biggest thing has not been in just one quadrant of my life, but overall – the importance of holding onto your vision and being conscious of DECIDING – deciding that I need to have a more defined goal for my life, deciding on what that actual vision looks like, deciding to hold onto that vision, and being aware that every decision that I make, every day, determines whether that dream will come true or not…down to deciding how I am actually going to even perceive something. There is no opportunity like DreamBuilder LIVE where you get to focus on actually creating your life. Whether we have a great life or a not-so-great life, looking hard at how you’re living and how you want to live takes courage, hope, encouragement and guidance. Most people will never have a chance for sustained focus on their dreams like this event presents.

If you have a strong sense that there’s more to life than what you’ve been experiencing so far…

And if you know that you’d like to be more, do more, and give more, and you know that your time is NOW…

Then I invite you to join us at DreamBuilder LIVE Dallas, October 25-27, 2019!

Simply go here for all the details and to register, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call us, toll-free, at 1-800-914-6958. We are always happy to help.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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