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Training & Early Career Development Competitions – Results

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We are pleased to announce the results of our September 2018 Alberta Innovates Training and Early Career Development (TECD) Programs competitions: Graduate Studentship, MD-PhD Studentship, Postgraduate Fellowship and Clinician Fellowship.

The September 2018 competitions resulted in the approval of 18 graduate studentships, two MD-PhD studentships, 13 postgraduate fellowships and five clinician fellowship awards.

We received a total of 298 submissions, which included 160 graduate studentship, 10 MD-PhD studentship, 86 postgraduate fellowship and 42 clinician fellowship applications. Please see the list of successful applicants below.

We thank all applicants for their substantial efforts and congratulate the recipients of these awards. We also would like to acknowledge the tremendous assistance provided by our review committee members.

Trainee & Early Career Development results:

September 2018 Graduate Studentship – Results
InstitutionProject Title
Bhattarai, AsmitaPatten, Scott
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgaryRelationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Mortality among Canadian Population
Brown, AllisonHecker, Kent
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgarySafer health systems through the training of resident physicians in quality improvement and patient safety
Firminger, ColinEdwards, BrentUniversity of CalgaryTraining and Preventative Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Tendinopathy
Hambrook, JacobHanington, PatrickUniversity of AlbertaFunctional characterization of a Schistosoma mansoni matrix metalloproteinase during vertebrate host infection
Ho, KimLopaschuk, Gary
University of AlbertaKetone Metabolism in the Failing Heart
Lee, SangminMetcalfe, Amy
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgaryThe impact of disease-specific pregnancy clinics on prenatal and disease-specific outcomes: Is there a need for sub-specialist pregnancy clinics for women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
Lim, Kenji RowelYokota, Toshifumi
Medical Genetics
University of AlbertaDeveloping an effective exon 45-55 skipping treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Loverock, AlexandraWild, CameronUniversity of AlbertaEvaluating Safe Cannabis Use in a Canadian University
Mitran, CatherineYanow, StephanieUniversity of AlbertaExploiting the immunological cross-reactivity between Plasmodium species for vaccine development.
Neville, AlexandraNoel, Melanie
University of CalgaryIntergenerational transmission of risk for pediatric chronic pain: The role of maternal responses and sleep
Oliveira Masson, AnandKrawetz, RomanUniversity of CalgaryTargeting the cell cycle machinery in adult mesenchymal progenitors to enhance cartilage regeneration after injury
Phellan, RenzoForkert, Nils
University of CalgaryCombined Segmentation and Hemodynamic Analysis of Cerebrovascular Structures using Arterial Spin Labeling
Russell, KarleenSchulte, Fiona
University of CalgaryDevelopment of a Scale to Measure Fear of Cancer Recurrence in Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Saleme, BrunoSutendra, Gopinath
University of AlbertaMetabolic modulation as a novel therapy for chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity
Skow, RachelDavenport, MargieUniversity of AlbertaThe effects of prenatal exercise on the sympathetic nervous system regulation of blood pressure
Tandio, DavidHammond, James
University of AlbertaInvestigating the role of Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter-4 (ENT4) in cardiovascular diseases
Toivonen, KirstiCampbell, Tavis
University of CalgaryRESearching a mOtivationaL interVention to Enhance Adherence to Adjuvant endocrine therapies: the RESOLVE-AA study
Wagner, DanielSpackman, Eldon
Community Health Sciences
University of CalgaryIncorporating Discrete Choice Experiments into the Economic Evaluation Framework: An Application in Biologic Therapy for Psoriatic Arthritis

September 2018 MD-PhD Studentship – Results
InstitutionProject Title
Shin, WisooBiernaskie, JeffUniversity of CalgaryInvestigating the impact of aging dermal stem/progenitor cells on tissue regeneration and wound healing.
Ishaque, AbdullahKalra, Sanjay
University of AlbertaValidation of MRI-based Measures in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

September 2018 Clinician Fellowship – Results
InstitutionProject Title
Dang, JerryBirch, Daniel
University of AlbertaThe Microbiology of Bariatric Surgery
Lewinson, RyanBarnabe, Cheryl
University of CalgaryThe relationship between biomechanics and inflammation in the progression of psoriasis to psoriatic arthritis
McDonald, BraedonMcCoy, Kathy
Physiology & Pharmacology
University of CalgaryThe role of the gut microbiota in host defense during critical illness
Racine, NicoleMadigan, Sheri
University of CalgaryScreening for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Primary Care: Diagnostic Performance and Maternal-Child Health Outcomes
Senger, Jenna-LynnChan, K Ming
University of AlbertaElucidating the conditioning lesion-like effects of brief electrical stimulation on accelerating peripheral nerve regeneration

September 2018 Postgraduate Fellowship – Results
InstitutionProject Title
Almaayah, ZaidDyck, Jason
University of AlbertaThe role of ketones in heart failure
Balsevich, GeorgiaHill, Matthew
Cell Biology & Anatomy
University of CalgaryA Role for Genetic Variants of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase in Glucocorticoid-Mediated Metabolic Outcomes
Cashaback, JoshuaCluff, TylerUniversity of CalgaryRobust Strategies to Control Our Movements in the Presence of Fatigue
de Bakker, ChantalBoyd, Steven
University of CalgaryUse of Advanced Imaging to Track the Course of Navicular Stress Fracture Healing
Fortuna, RafaelReimer, RayleneUniversity of CalgaryCan a high fiber diet intervention reduce systemic inflammatory markers and improve knee function in adults with obesity and knee osteoarthritis?
Li, FuyongWalter, Jens
Agricultural Food & Nutritional Science
University of AlbertaRe-wilding the human gut: re-introduction of the species Lactobacillus reuteri
Moghadas, HamidMushahwar, Vivian
University of AlbertaA wearable sensor for early detection of  deep tissue pressure injuries
Negm, AhmedJones, Allyson
University of AlbertaThe effect of obesity and sarcopenic obesity on knee biomechanics and gait parameter in people with severe knee osteoarthritis
Ross, KharahLetourneau, NicoleUniversity of CalgaryInvestigating the developmental origins of childhood asthma and allergies: Maternal prenatal social stress, infant immune cell epigenetic patterns, and risk for early childhood asthma and allergies at 3- and 5-years of age
Seifi, MortezaBernier, Francois
Medical Genetics
University of CalgaryIdentification and characterization of novel genes underlying rare genetic disorders
Squair, JordanPhillips, Aaron
Clinical Neurosciences
University of CalgaryHarnessing spinal electrical stimulation to modulate autonomic function after spinal cord injury
Tarr, GillianFreedman, Stephen
University of CalgaryA Clinical Prediction Rule for Pediatric Acute Gastroenteritis Etiology
Tenorio Lopes, LuanaWilson, Richard
Physiology & Pharmacology
University of CalgarySpinal Oxygen Sensors: a new target to regain ventilatory control in SCI patients

Please note: we provide the list of successful applicants for information purposes only. The formal letters will serve as the official decision should there be any discrepancy with the material on the website. Awards are subject to the agreement of the Award Terms and Conditions.

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